Madonna planning senior retirement community

August 22, 2015

A San Luis Obispo based developer is planning to build a large-scale retirement community off of Los Osos Valley Road at a cost of approximately $500 million. [Pacific Coast Business Times]

John Madonna, the son of late entrepreneur Alex Madonna, is planning to build a continuing care facility on 11 acres near the Froom Ranch Shopping Center. Madonna’s proposed project includes homes and apartments for independent living, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes.

If approved, the continuing care retirement community will consist of 350 residential units for seniors, 200 apartments and 60 to 100 single-family detached units.

In addition, Madonna plans for the community to include a recreation center, restaurants, a library, a pool, gardens, trails and a small theater.

Madonna is planing to take his proposal to the planning department in September.

John Madonna’s plans to fashion his proposed project is fashioned after existing retirement communities.

John Madonna’s plans to fashion his proposed project is fashioned after existing retirement communities.

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It’s worth looking at the source article link, for it tells more. This is definitely for rich people. This place will require a large “entrance fee” to become a resident. Typically those run around $100K or more for this type of facility. On top of that will be the monthly charges. Go figure if this in any way helps people who live, work and then retire in low-wageville SLO.

There’s also the inevitable Madonna shopping center included in the proposal — an amount of square footage that exceeds all of what exists today along Madonna Road! In other words, it ain’t small. How much more retail do we need in this town?

And best of all, Madonna expects the city to “expedite” approval so all the old poor people who need this place don’t have to wait around for several years. Oh the arrogance of our city’s most-favored developer after the Copelands!


That should be “poor old people,” not “old poor people.” Sorry.


What’s wrong with catering to a wealthy clientele? Would you expect the madonnas to build a facility that takes Medicaid? Please.


Will the rooms be theme based like the Madonna Inn? If so, where can I put a deposit on the caveman room? Would be a great way to spend the golden years.

Jorge Estrada

I can remember the water coming into my Datsun pickup doors while driving North East on Madonna Road. The water during the 1973 rain was more than any culvert could handle, Madonna Road is actually a dam that will go over the top again someday so forget filling in Laguna Lake, it will fill again and should be dredged NOW!