Paso Robles medics find dead body in smoldering home

August 26, 2015

ambulance 4Paso Robles medics responded to a medical emergency report Tuesday evening and found a dead body inside a smoldering house.

Shortly before 6 p.m., emergency services personnel responded to a medical call in the 3200 block of Pine Street. When the medics arrived, they found the single-family house still smouldering from a fire.

The fire had not been reported prior to the medics arriving. The medics alerted the city fire department, and firefighters arrived at the scene within five minutes.

Firefighters found a deceased male inside the home, according to a city press release. The house had extensive heat and smoke damage throughout the interior.

Personnel from the Paso Robles Police Department, Cal Fire and the county coroner’s office also came to the scene. Both the police department and the Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services are investigating the cause of the fire.

Authorities have not yet released the deceased’s name or any information about a suspected cause.

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In that part of Paso, people learn to not get involved for fear of retaliation. If there is something suspicious here, the neighborhood knows about it, and they know it is best for them to look away and stay out of it.

This is a reality, that few understand, and certainly not the politicians.

Im having a hard time with the fact the fire was almost out before it was called in. 6 pm and not one person noticed that? Sounds very fishy to me

I’m trying to grasp the fishy theory myself but, in reality a fire could smolder and never really pick up steam for hours and with our smoky air these days you’d never notice.

I think cause or manner of death might also point out some insight into the fire itself. i.e. fatal heart attack, knocked over candle, etc.