San Luis Obispo Symphony fires its director

August 2, 2015
Director Edmund Feingold

Director Edmund Feingold

The San Luis Obispo Symphony board of directors fired Executive Director Edmund Feingold, it announced Friday night.

The termination comes just three months after former Music Director Michael Nowak was ousted. Nevertheless, the symphony board said Feingold’s termination was unrelated to Nowak’s leaving, though they are not giving a reason for the director’s termination.

A week ago, radio talk show host David Congalton questioned why the board continued to employ Feingold, who was hired in July 2014 after working for three years as executive director of the Monterey Symphony.

“I thought (wrongly) that what we were working for was change at the Symphony, starting with an incompetent executive director, Ed Feingold, who left his previous job under controversy, and including a dysfunctional board of directors,” Congalton said in his July 23 opinion. “That’s the change we were expecting. The community made it clear that we were behind you and would support any and all efforts at reform.”

The new season kicks off with a classic concert on Oct. 3 conducted by Nir Kabaretti.

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Weren’t SLO Symphony’s “No Ties Allowed Rehearsals” free in the past? Now they are $15.00/person for adults?

Unless I’m misunderstanding the situation, the symphony seems to be doing its best to offend potential patrons.

Good morning, it’s Monday and the news doesn’t surprize me. A train reck in the key of “C”.

Now we need to see the entire board go away in shame….I’m personally disgusted at the way they handled this.

He’s fired because he got mad at him for messing with his summer music program. The musicians all vote to support he who was fired because they have no confidence in him who messed with his summer program or his board members. They offer him a chance to be their guest conductor for three of their upcoming programs hoping to keep their musicians happy. He says no because it’s really rubbing salt in his wounds. He’s going to do the canceled Pops Concert with her without them because she’s the queen of song on the central coast. They fire he who messed with the summer music program, but not rehire him who got mad at him for messing with the summer music program. Some of the musicians but maybe not all of them but maybe most of them but maybe just a few of them now support the board because they fired him and him.

Wow, I think I’ll spend my entertainment dollars somewhere else.

Perhaps you folks should quit this orchestra stuff and make a reality TV series. You could make it like Survivor and vote one of the musicians out of the orchestra each week, or did they all quit? I can’t keep it straight.

You have to love those pronouns!

I still can’t figure out what I just read. My head hurts from this post.

I would advise you to redirect your “entertainment dollars” to making an investment in your education…

You by any chance don’t play the triangle? right?

Giving the benefit of the doubt here, but I believe this to be rather cheeky and witty – especially with the confusion of pronouns and verbs all strung together. It was a great summary of what has been going on.

In short, it was similar to Dave Congalton’s piece; literally a “WTF” post.

I chuckled.

Well I certainly feel dumber for having read this . It wasnt music to my ears musicman

The truth regarding the firings of Nowak and Feingold need to be formally released. If that doesn’t happen, gossip and innuendo will continue to gnaw away at the marrow of the symphony.

and Congo will continue to feed on the gossip and innuendo. That and pandering for sympathy are his stock in trade.

Holy Cow! A talk-show host feeding on gossip and innuendo!? He’s GOT to be the FIRST to ever do THAT! There’s no way some entertainment medium would ever hire someone to do THAT!

Next thing you know, he’ll probably try to make it INTERESTING for everyone listening. The nerve of some people.