Atascadero brush fire possibly started by arsonist

September 4, 2015

atascadero_sign_photoAtascadero’s arson unit is investigating a small brush fire that broke out on Pine Mountain Wednesday evening. [Tribune]

The fire occurred on the eastern slope of the mountain near frequented hiking and mountain bike trails. The blaze burned an area approximately 20 feet by 50 feet, and  it did not injure anyone or damage any buildings. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire.

Atascadero fire officials have deemed the blaze suspicious. Fire investigators ruled out mechanical or natural causes and believe the fire was started by human activity.

Fire Capt. Bill White said the fire could have been caused deliberately or accidentally. There would have been no other reason for a spontaneous combustion, White said.

Humidity on Wednesday significantly reduced the chance of a discarded cigarette starting the fire, White said. The fire captain also said off-road vehicles are not allowed on the nearby trails, and there is no overhead wiring on the mountain. Nor were there reports of lightning.

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They are they just don’t make the news.\

” The fire captain also said off-road vehicles are not allowed on the nearby trails ”

There is a big difference between ” not allowed ” and actual enforcement. I see and hear dirt bikes in that area frequently. I have never heard of the police actually enforcing the ” not allowed” rules/laws. In fact if one actually looked – one could certainly find dirt bike tire tracks in that area.

An act of God? Sodom? Gomarrah? Atascadero?

Where’s Brother Ted Sanders when you need him?

Thats who I was coaxing a comment from. guess it didnt work.

What is wrong with people lately, shooting and killing police, and now setting fires that may result in a person’s death.

Of all the animals on the face of the earth, mankind is the worst.

Maybe I’m naïve but I still think 99% of people are good. Not killers, not arsonists.