Nipomo felon allegedly strikes again and again

September 24, 2015
Allen Michael Thompson

Allen Michael Thompson

A 26-year-old Nipomo man who was arrested last month for allegedly committing multiple felonies while on bail, was arrested Thursday accused of many of the same criminal acts.

On Aug. 18, a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy noticed Allen Michael Thompson, a man on probation and out of jail on bail, driving on Highway 101 with a suspended driver’s license. The deputy pulled Thompson over in Arroyo Grande and searched his truck.

With the help of a K9, deputies found a stolen pistol, heroin, methamphetamine and counterfeit cash in the truck. The drugs were packaged for sale.

Deputies arrested Thompson on multiple charges including possession of a controlled substance for sale, committing a felony while on bail, carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle and being armed with a firearm in the commission of a crime. Thompson quickly bailed out of jail and then failed to show up to court.

On Tuesday, a Grover Beach Police officer responded to reports of a possible drug transaction on the 1000 block of Carmelde Lane and then followed Thompson and his passenger Jordan King to Arroyo Grande where he initiated a traffic stop. Officers then searched Thompson’s vehicle and the home in Grover Beach where the alleged drug deal went down.

Law enforcement officers found pounds of marijuana, narcotics and a gun during their searches.

Officers booked Thompson into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on 15 charges including possession of narcotics and controlled substances for sale, transportation of narcotics, transportation of marijuana for sale, felon in possession of a firearm, felony probation violations, driving on a suspended driver’s license and for having six outstanding warrants for his arrest. Thompson’s bail is set at $355,000.

King was arrested for possession of narcotics and controlled substances for sale, transportation of narcotics and controlled substances, and for a probation violation. He was booked into the county jail in lieu of $45,000 bail.

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Is he related to the family of career-criminals that lives in Atascadero????

Hopefully no one helps him post bail this time. The best thing for him it would seem would be for him to sit in jail. He is an addict. Addicts do what they do, which is use, sell, steal, plunder. They are basically land pirates. ‘Yo.

Too bad I couldn’t have a pirate crew out at the jail instead of the pink Joe Arpaio outfits. I would take my band of pirate men and women look for pirate treasures on the sides of the roads, pick up road kill, fill in potholes. Good, clean work for down and dirty addicts.

Sarcasm, folks, sarcasm. You folks need to pay attention to posting history around here. I have been posting for years here, many times on the gun control subject and many times in the same threads you folks are posting to.

Did I miss something? I do not see the little thumbs up or down icons?

Could you also install a new finger sign….like the 1-finger salute?

[just kidding…although it would be demonstrative]

More gun laws will not fix this problem, the crooks will always be able to get them, do you think he can legally go to the gun store and buy one.

Criminals ,with lots of money for bail? Duh!! drug money paying to get out of jail!

We need stronger gun laws to prevent people like this from obtaining weapons.

You think his firearms are legally owned? That’s a good one.

If firearms are banned do you think that would make it Impossible for this guy to have a gun? Google “prohibition”.

That kind of thinking is so naive. He already broke a half-dozen gun laws, do you really think more laws are the answer? Do you ever drive and talk on the phone, or drive in the rain without headlamps on? Scofflaw!

Perspicacious, I find your comment incredibly ironic! You are talking about someone who has zero respect for the law, and you think more laws will stop him? The result of “Stronger gun laws” has never kept the bad guy from “obtaining weapons”. In fact the article states this dork was arrested partially because he had a gun. There are already laws in place to deny felons the right to carry a gun.

Your wish denies the “Good People” of the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution – which partially reads: “The Right of the People to keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

Please respect the fact that we are Americans, and you do not have the right to deny those who choose to apply this right.

Your rights end when they interfere with mine, and visa versa!

The guy’s on a one-man mission to keep cops out of donut shops.

Boy, that is a real thigh-slapper. You must be a hit at children’s birthday parties.

Someone please get the repair man again. Stupid is broken. Man it is so hard to fix that.