Shark bites kayaker’s foot

September 6, 2015

hhA hammerhead shark bit the foot of a kayaker fishing in the waters off California’s Central Coast on Saturday. [Fox]

At about 2:30 p.m., the kayaker was 1.5 miles from the Malibu shore when a 10-foot hammerhead shark bit a foot he had dangling in the water. Another fisherman spotted the injured kayaker and helped him control the bleeding.

Emergency medical personnel air lifted the man to a local hospital where he was treated for deep wounds.

Last Saturday, a 54-year-old Los Osos woman survived a shark attack while surfing at Morro Strand State Beach. The shark bit off an approximately 14-inch-wide chunk of Elinor Dempsey’s surfboard. But, Dempsey escaped the attack uninjured.


Malibu is as ‘Central Coast’ as Eureka, CA. Guess “California Coast” wasn’t as salacious a headline in these parts.


We are going to need a bigger kayak.


Malibu? Home of the stars? Perhaps it was a decedent of Jaws. After all, there is a lot of inner breeding in Hollywood.


Send the hammerheads up here. Maybe the appearance of them will freak the great whites into thinking they’ve wandered too far south of their border.


Yes, funny. Malibu is more southerly than Hollywood. I had seen the headline elsewhere for the Malibu attack…..and I still took the clickbait!


Must be a slow news week


The fish lives on the Central Coast, it was just visiting