Shark bites kayaker’s foot

September 6, 2015

hhA hammerhead shark bit the foot of a kayaker fishing in the waters off California’s Central Coast on Saturday. [Fox]

At about 2:30 p.m., the kayaker was 1.5 miles from the Malibu shore when a 10-foot hammerhead shark bit a foot he had dangling in the water. Another fisherman spotted the injured kayaker and helped him control the bleeding.

Emergency medical personnel air lifted the man to a local hospital where he was treated for deep wounds.

Last Saturday, a 54-year-old Los Osos woman survived a shark attack while surfing at Morro Strand State Beach. The shark bit off an approximately 14-inch-wide chunk of Elinor Dempsey’s surfboard. But, Dempsey escaped the attack uninjured.



  1. ajdury says:

    Malibu is as ‘Central Coast’ as Eureka, CA. Guess “California Coast” wasn’t as salacious a headline in these parts.

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  2. SLOpoker says:

    We are going to need a bigger kayak.

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  3. Pelican1 says:

    Malibu? Home of the stars? Perhaps it was a decedent of Jaws. After all, there is a lot of inner breeding in Hollywood.

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  4. Spacetrekker says:

    Send the hammerheads up here. Maybe the appearance of them will freak the great whites into thinking they’ve wandered too far south of their border.

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  5. injustice_to_bees says:

    Yes, funny. Malibu is more southerly than Hollywood. I had seen the headline elsewhere for the Malibu attack…..and I still took the clickbait!

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  6. unlisted says:

    Must be a slow news week

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    • Black_Copter_Pilot says:

      The fish lives on the Central Coast, it was just visiting

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