1 killed in Santa Maria shooting

October 31, 2015

pellet gunA man was shot and killed Friday night on a street near the Santa Maria Town Center.

At about 7:40 p.m., Abrahan Rojas was shot multiple times near the intersection of West Cook and South Smith streets. Emergency personnel treated Rojas at the scene before transporting him to Marian Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

This is the ninth homicide in Santa Maria in 2015.

No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting.


Coming to a neighborhood near you. You open boarder people pay attention!


I don’t know of anybody who has an open boarder policy.


I think he meant to say sanctuary city.

Rich in MB

“I don’t know anyone who voted for Nixon”

Time to get new friends because the Democrat party is for open Boarders to increase their Voting Base for free stuff.


So you voted for Nixon? Lol

Just because you fear something, does not make it true or likely.



Have you picked lettuce or strawberries for a living? Didn’t think so.


Build a fence with a big door. Migration is wonderful but you must come here legally. We need to know who is entering our nation and what their intent is. I can’t understand why that troubles some people. It must be that many Americans want undocumented people to live here . Maybe you are prospering by paying them less to work for you because you know you have them by the short hairs…(not just in the fields but in your home as well) that is called slavery or indentured servitude. Or you want them to go to the pols and illegally cast a vote for your side of the political isle. That is called anti American constitution. Take your pick…both are reprehensible.

Rich in MB

Welcome to Santa Maria de Juarez


The price to pay, the bad with the good. Tea Partiers do not want to pay 25 cents more for a head of lettuce that are grown by their own and who the hell is going to clean my hotel room? Developers love the $10/hr Home Depot tool belt labor moving up from the fields, less than I made in 1982. God Bless America, and God protect us from European socialism and standards of living.


You comment is nonsense. Do you think the people doing the jobs you mentioned (field workers and hotel room) are the problem? It is the drug dealing gangbangers? Do you think they work in field?

Your opinion holds no water. We have not had as many problems in past (field workers have been around for ages) till we started giving away all the freebie bullshit of welfare and healthcare to illegals in the last thirty years. It is the EXACT socialism you so cutely are replying to that has lead to the problems. It is the give it to me for free society and if that guy has more than me, take it from him (ie. steal or kill) rather than work for it.


I have attended quite a few Tea Party functions across the United States, and I have never heard any mention of not buying American. Have you shopped at the local grocery stores. I waste so much time going through the produce looking for anything grown in the USA it is all from Mexico. If they are growing so much produce and their economy I hear is doing quite well, why do we have so many Mexicans illegally crossing our borders. I also heard the other day that Mexico has Universal Medical care. I really am starting to believe that more and more Mexican Citizens are coming to the USA for the benefits. The cost of having a coyote bring them over the border is now $8,000 it use to be $5,000 guess thats inflation quite the opposite. I for one have cleaned hotel rooms


Didn’t complete my post…. I for one have cleaned hotel rooms, and i’m sure there are many more Americans doing the same.

Obispan your comment about God protect us from European Socialism, sorry to tell you but it’s already here thanks to the President and his promise of “Change”

Rich in MB

As a tea parties i would lay $2 more for a head of lettuce, so your talking points are bogus.