California tests scores among worst in U.S.

October 30, 2015

grad-school-testsCalifornia K-12 students have some of the worst math and reading skills in the United States, according to new national test results. [Mercury News]

The National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) tests the math and reading abilities of a sampling of fourth and eighth graders. It is the only standardized test administered across the country. The 2015 NAEP results were released Wednesday.

Results show the average fourth grade math score in California was worse than that of 44 other states. In the average math score rankings, California placed just one point higher on a zero-to-500 scale than New Mexico, Alabama and Washington, D.C.

California eight graders scored worse in math than their peers in 35 other states. California’s average eight grade math score was higher than that of five states and Washington, D.C. and about the same as nine states.

Only 27 to 29 percent of California students rated as proficient in both math and reading.

Even when factoring in the predominance of English learners and poor children, California fairs among the worst in the country, according to an analysis released Monday by the Urban Institute.

In 2013, California finished tied for 39th in fourth grade reading, 44th in eighth grade reading, 46th in eighth grade math and last in fourth grade math, according to Urban Institute rankings. California’s 2015 scores are statistically similar to the 2013 ones.

California is spending $53 billion this fiscal year on education.

State Department of Education spokesman Bill Ainsworth said the NAEP tests are not completely aligned with the Common Core State Standards, so they are not are not a good measure of California students’ progress.

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It’s because teachers are over worked and underpaid…….