CSU faculty to vote on strike

October 19, 2015

CSU SealCal State University system faculty will begin voting Monday on whether or not to authorize a strike on CSU campuses.

The faculty union is currently engaged in a labor dispute with the CSU system. The California Faculty Association is demanding a 5 percent salary hike with additional increases for years of service.

The chancellor’s office is offering 2 percent salary increases. There is a $68.9 million gap between the union and CSU salary proposals, according to the chancellor’s office.

The California Faculty Association represents 23,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches who work for the CSU system, according to the union website. The union members will have 10 days to vote on the authorization of a strike.

A majority vote in favor of a strike would not guarantee a walkout. Strike authorization votes are common during labor disputes, and faculty union officials must still decide whether or not to call a strike.

In May, Cal Poly faculty members protested the discrepancy in pay between university administrators and professors. The Cal Poly faculty union said university spending on administrators increased by 43 percent between 2010 and 2014.

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong responded saying $2.5 million has been set aside for faculty pay increases over the next four years. The university would begin by giving pay increases to the staff members who need them the most, Armstrong said.

Armstrong received a 2 percent salary increase in July when CSU trustees approved a 2 percent raise for campus presidents and other executives in the university system. Armstrong now receives a base salary of about $400,000 when including supplemental pay he receives from the Cal Poly Foundation.


Do you know who needs to go on strike? The California tax payer. Small business people and the taxed enough already middle class that’s who needs to go on strike.


Maybe we should unionize. Unfortunately, if we strike we can get put in jail and (more of) our property can get confiscated.


Pay at our universities is way high already. If only we could replace a large percentage with new blood we and the students would be better off.

Most of these teachers would be lucky to make 25% of their current salaries in the private sector.

Never enough pay for public workers with cost of living protection, for doing the same job at way less efficiencies than we in the private sector .


They ought to try to work in the real world instead of their own little microcosm. The average pay of a professor is 118K, assistant professor is 88k. And then there’s their retirement…


Cut the salaries of CSU Presidents and administrators first.

JB Bronson

To think that Adam Hill was a professor at Cal Poly. I don’t think anybody who had a hand in hiring him should get a raise.


I’ve never been an Adam Hill fan but CSU professors, lecturers and librarians didn’t hire him; administrators did.


Everyone’s replaceable.


There are so many people who would love to have a job teaching at a university like Cal Poly. Go ahead and strike, you are replaceable. Screw the taxpayers, the students, their parents! When these future alumni remember you, be assured their giving will dry up like the rain in California!


Social Security recipients are getting “0” cost of living increase next year due to the rate of inflation, why should these guys get a raise?

Jorge Estrada

So, in the world of CSU’s there is a pay descrepancy between the Kings and Peasants? That’s an easy fix, just screw the taxpayers, the students and or fill the campuses with foreign students. Oh let’s change the wording, together we can evaluate the funding options and adjust the business model for a win win opportunity.