Morro Bay officials clean creek, kick out homeless

December 11, 2015


Piles of trash, needles and human feces are now gone from a section of Morro Creek. So are the people who were living there.

On Thursday, the city of Morro Bay conducted a creek cleanup at the location of a homeless encampment near Lila Keiser Park. Workers collected all property the homeless left behind and placed it in a city storage container. Homeless individuals may retrieve their property.

City officials said it was crucial to clean the creek prior to possible flooding caused by El Nino.

“The amount of trash in these areas was often times overwhelming. To have that area flooded by storms would be a serious concern,” a city statement reads.

Over the last month, officials provided notices to the people living in the encampment that the cleanup would occur. Morro Bay police and San Luis Obispo County Social Services workers also tried to reach out to the homeless to provide assistance.

Property collected from the encampment

Property collected from the encampment

Additionally, city officials say Morro Bay has a volunteer coordinator who connects people with social assistance programs throughout the county.

Last month, two children were pricked by a needle while playing in the creek as soccer games were taking place at the park. It is unclear whether the kids contracted anything form the needle. The children will be retested this month and again six months following the incident.

Police officers frequently made contact with the homeless population in the creek. There were about 130 calls for service in the area over the first 10 months of 2015, according to the city.

Part of the area where the homeless were living is owned by Dynegy, the owner of the now-closed Morro Bay power plant.

The Morro Bay police, public works, fire and harbor departments worked in conjunction with city administration on the cleanup. The California Conservation Corps led much of the trash cleanup effort.

City officials say they used guidelines and discussion with the homeless to distinguish trash from property.

mb business owner

probably difficult for a city manager who is getting a full salary from the army and then another 200K from the brain trust of irons smuckler, heading, makawetski and Christine Johnson to care anything about displacing the homeless, but great photo op with the police department that you will soon be contracting out to the sheriff. btw – merry Christmas.


Happy Holidays.


Being homeless does not mean you have to live like a pig.

Actually pigs live more cleanly than what is shown in that picture.

THAT is a health hazard!


Pigs also leave a much smaller carbon footprint than a human being, in fact, I don’t think they even have one. Can’t we all agree that we are a race of pig-humans?


Following from CCC website.

Who we work for: The CCC works for a wide range of project sponsors throughout California, including state agencies, federal agencies, city and county agencies, school districts, nonprofit organizations and private industry.

Hmm Morro Bay is a city last I checked or am I wrong?


This is reply to Pelican at the bottom of thread.


I gotta add one more thing. If you’re all going to insist on this kind of thing happening. Do you really have to do it TWO WEEKS before Christmas? Seriously? What the hell is the matter with you people?


Big rains on the horizon, they worried about all that crap going to sea.


Yeah and no shelter on Christmas for some of these people now.


That’s preferable to drowning in a swollen creek if the rains do come.


It’s a well known fact that people are expendable but the environment isn’t, just ask the Presedent.

Yes, my tongue is in cheek


They were given notice the first of November. The City gave them plenty of time and help to settle in somewhere for the winter. The choice was their’s!


The filth injecting themselves with heroin could care less about Christmas. They care about the next fool who will give them a dollar to get them one step closer to more drugs and alcohol.

When you get them something for Christmas, unless its some smack, don’t waste your money.


You’re all so worried about these good for nothing, do-nothing people who are supposedly leeching off of society?

How about THESE people?


I’m not a big fan of Gov. but your arguments lately about cops and now Gov workers, that at least are working and comparing to homeless not working? Your arguments are this side of absurd.


Supposedly leeching? As opposed to what, being contributing members of society, responsible for their own needs?


They ARE contributing to society.For the most part they:don’t own cars, don’t use electricity, don’t mow down forests to build multimillion dollar homes on, don’t eat much, don’t reproduce, and (may) live off the paltry crumbs our public assistance programs dole out, which I believe is around 2% of our our national budget. So what if they defecate in our creeks once in awhile, leave behind a little needle now and then that pokes our little angels’ fingertips. Our little angels shouldn’t be playing down at a dirty, homeless-infested creek anyway.


It’s the same for any community around here. Don’t be fooled, these people get word from far away and come because they know people will give. If you absolutely must give, then call a legitimate shelter or provide food. Do not give out money. The other day I saw someone give a bum money, he immediately stashed his cardboard sign and ran to the nearest store for booze. I kid you not.


Oh my gosh, he bought booze!? Someone call the newspaper! A depressed mentally ill homeless guy found solace for a couple hours in drink! What are we going to do!? This town is going to hell!

How do you suppose they communicate with all these people from far away? Smoke signals? And how do you suppose all those people get here? Long walks?

The only thing that might get communicated to others is “the weather is tolerable most of the year so it’s easier to live outside,.” And there isn’t anything you can change about that.

Without them, who would you use as a benchmark to determine how much better of a person you are?


Enabling never helped anyone.


Heres a good laugh!! Looks like they need some “help”


I just had to reply to this guy on Craigs list!! I am a compassionate person, but there was zero excuse for leaving the creek in the condition it was in. The City had NO choice but to clean it up! If living there was so important to them then why would they ever allow the trash to build up with needles left on the ground? Just imagine what those kids and their families have to deal with, wondering how their lives will be impacted! Hard to have compassion for moving them on, when they failed to take responsibility for their own Trash!! As this guy posted, some of them are well educated..then why not join together and resolve your homelessness like the Vets at Freedom Camp did?

We all have to take personal responsibility for our own lives. Being homeless doesn’t excuse you from that.

I’m sure the City would not have moved them out if they had bothered to clean up the trash. They did this to themselves, the city had no choice but to clean it up!


Really! I too, am a compassionate person, volunteer with food distribution for the poor, etc.

However, seeing this site and after reading your craiglist statement I am appalled. All of us have responsibilities for our daily living. I keep my car, house and yard clean. I work hard daily. I volunteer to help people in need. But when I see this it is difficult to want to continue to help you. Where is your family? Where are your friends? You can get assistance in SLO like shower facilities, laundry, meals, supplies, etc. There are social services available and folks to help fill out apllications, etc. Why would you not want tp do something to help yourself move forward. This is wrong on so many levels.


There is something seriously wrong with a government structure that pays that much OVERTIME. This is shameful, wasteful, and abusive.


Wow, that was a real knee-slapper – homelessness always is. But the real gut-busters are things like poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, mental illness, hunger, things that have you on the floor, peeing your pants with the giggles.


They have moved to the open space north of the library in Los Osos, I have seen this same mess as shown in this photo. There are several encampments hidden beneath the canopies of the Pigmy oaks. If you walk around town and look into almost any wooded area you are likely to see them such as across from Ralphs on LOVR where they have since vacated.There are no easy solutions, but by allowing them to remain and enabling those that are panhandling only perpetuates the problem. I for one am not comfortable giving money to the guy at the exit of Ralphs whom I have seen using his cellphone. It’s the holidays and they play on our guilt. What would Trump do?


What if a homeless buddy in another community, far far away from yours was calling him to tell him of a new and better opportunity? If he doesn’t have a cell phone, he is going to miss that call, isn’t he?


no, they both have roaming in their plans.


I think the CCC should bill the city the cost of the clean-up. Their services are far more valuable than to use them to clean up homeless encampments that have been ignored for so long by the city.

In turn, the parents of the kids pricked by the needles should sue the city for dereliction of duty.


REALLY!!??? CCC pays minimum wage, how much does a city worker cost? Also it is one Gov. agency billing another. That = net sum game. Stupid.

Also suing the city? Who is going to pay???? Yesssss that’s right taxpayers. Again net sum game.

Yes it is frustrating the mess that is left behind by homeless encampments but I don’t see where ANY of your ideas goes to solving anything. Yes I don’t have an answer either other than trying to continue to get them help, get them placed in jobs and get them out of the creeks. Tough process.


The CCC is not in the business of making money,thee young women and men of the Corps work hard protecting and restoring California’s environment and responding to disasters, becoming stronger workers, citizens and individuals through their service.

Because of the city`s neglect the CCC has to bail them out. As I pointed out, they are far more talented than to have their resources utilized to clean up what is the city`s mess. If the city had to do it they would pay a premium and it might wake them up to their. deferred maintenance mindset. Let the city pay, not the taxpayers of California

Net sum game=MORR5O BAY IS RESPONSIBLE for their mess…no one else.


Morr5o Bay is NOT responsible, I say!