Atascadero man accused of sexually molesting students

January 30, 2016
Christopher Nugent

Christopher Nugent

Officers arrested a 53-year-old teacher at his Atascadero home for allegedly molesting students at Avenal Elementary, police said. Christopher Nugent was also an after school tutor, a youth sports photographer and a former teacher of the year.

On Wednesday, three to four students in Nugent’s fourth grade class said that their teacher had touched them inappropriately during school hours. School officials then informed the Avenal Police Department of the allegations.

On Thursday, officers served a search warrant at Nugent’s home and seized his computer. Atascadero police officers arrested Nugent on suspicion of four counts of child molestation and booked him into the Kings County Jail. His bail is set at $300,000, according to the jail website.

For the past 10 years, Nugent commuted to Kings County to teach at Avenal Elementary.

In an interview on ABC 30, a parent of a now 16-year-old former student of Nugent said he had asked school officials to place a camera in Nugent’s classroom because of changes in his son’s behavior. The parent said his request was denied.

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We don’t need no education

We don’t need no thought control

No dark sarcasm in the classroom

Teachers leave them kids alone

Hey teacher leave them kids alone

All in all it’s just another brick in the wall

All in all you’re just another brick in the wall…..


Yet, another fine example of Cal Poly SLO…..


Nice try, but this guy lived in Atascadero and was teaching in Avenal. He had nothing to do with Cal Poly.


mkaney, the kid was a former student. He or she is now 16 years old.


When a parent notices a change in behavior from a child and ask school for assistance and it is denied, what resources does a parent have?


I would go to the Sheriff’s Office.


Yes, Sheriff’s Office. There are plenty of administrators who cover up.


I can understand school administrators trying to cover it up, but the sheriff’s office? Really? That sounds like a conspiracy theory stretch to me.


If they are 16 years old I think the possible reasons for a behavior change are pretty endless. If a parent does not have he ability to openly communicate with their 16 year old child, there’s a pretty good chance there are some more likely reasons for a change in behavior.


The child is now 16. The behavior changes occurred when the child was in the pedophiles class. The led teaches 4th grade so he’s been molesting kids for at least 8 years..

Oh yeah. Allegedly.


Ever notice how it’s the popular teachers. The ones that the kids and parents love. Instead of doing their job to teach and instill discipline and good morals, these types make it FUN and are fun loving. Those flamboyant types have something to hide.


No, I never noticed because I don’t think it is true and is an unsafe assumption. Does that mean that if your child’s teacher is a jerk than your child is safe from being abused by them?


No, I don’t think the jerk’s are necessarily safe. But, it seems that every time a molester is uncovered, they were teacher of the year or a popular teacher. The pedophiles go out of their way to cover their tracks.


A citizen of the year is in jail with no bail, now a teacher of the year is accused of molestation too. Members of these selection committees need to do a better job of betting their candidates.


Vetting–not betting.


If I was a teacher, I would insist on a camera in every place a student would be.


What a sad culture this is becoming.


This isn’t a new trend – sadly these times of crimes have been happening for centuries – we are just getting better about finding, reporting and punishing the criminals who commit these horrible crimes.


Every public school classroom should have a camera, just like most school buses do.