U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79

February 13, 2016
U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of what appears to be natural causes Saturday at a resort in Texas, according to a federal report.

Nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan, Scalia was the leading conservative voice on the court. His death is likely to set off a battle over who should replace him.

Replacing Scalia with a liberal justice which likely change the balance of the court.

On Friday, Scalia, 79, arrived at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa, and attended a party with about 40 other people.

In the morning, a person affiliated with the resort was asked to check on Scalia who had not shown up for breakfast. The affiliate of the ranch found Scalia’s body in his room.


President Obama can nominate anyone he wants. But the Democrat Party, under the direction of President Obama and the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about two years or so ago changed the voting rules so the Democrats could vote for their Circuit Court Judges of their choosing with a simple majority vote.. The new law required only a majority of the Senate (51 votes). The Republicans were against that rule change on the vote but now the Republicans become the benefactors of that change. With only 51 votes required, no filibustering allowed, the Senate may or may not 1) wait for a new president, 2) Vote against the candidate, 3) schedule it till after the party conventions. The Republican leadership already said the candidate better be a moderate or they won’t even allow a vote. This will be interesting!


Stupid Republicans would actually consider a moderate too. They’re what got us here.


I absolutely agree. Conservative all the way. I just read this morning that Hilliary Clinton has committed to appoint Obama to the Supreme Court if he blocks her prosecution. I also heard the joke of the morning, Obama will nomination Joe Biden because he has so many friends on Capitol Hill and would probably be approved.

I almost choked on my coffee but worth the laugh!


My condolences to the Koch brothers for their loss.


Any the democratic party.


Wonder if he died at the same Texas hunting ranch where Cheney shot the lawyer in the face with a shotgun.


Sorry, Cheney’s incident was in Riviera, Texas! Corpus Christi is the closest city.


I now fear even more for the lives of the unborn and our Second Amendment rights. I hope President Obama’s choice can be stymied by congress until November…


… and all those babies saved before their date of birth.


Their “date of birth” was at their conception.


“Choice can be stymied”… perfect choice of words and very honest.

Then when either Hillary or Sanders is elected, maybe their appointment choice will be Barack Obama. You know, you Neocons can’t have it both ways..


Please, President Obama, nominate someone now and nominate someone as liberal as possible and do it with your middle finger in the face of these childish Republicans who made their number one goal, as great patriotic Americans, to make sure the president of the United States failed. Give them someone to remember you by – preferably someone very dark.


Sorry, not going to happen! He can nominate whoever he wants, won’t be happening for this administration.


Oblammer might just want his nominations to fail in hopes that Hilly actually gets elected. Remember she has threatened to out him on the Supreme Court which I think he would love.


Whoops:)) Meant to say “put” him on the Supreme Court, however “outing” him while on the SC would also be interesting:))


When I saw the story earlier that the evil Justice Scalia was found dead it was the biggest smile on my face since March 1, 2012. On that day was a death double-header, with the dispicable Andrew Breitbart and sheriff’s “spokesman” Rob Bryn both dropping dead of natural causes. I like to think that karma caught up with all three of these evil mopes!


Away from the Court, Scalia spent more time with Bader Ginsburg than any other Justice.

They’ve been referred to as “The Odd Couple”. Their unlikely friendship speaks volumes.


What was it about Justice Scalia or Breitbart or Bryn that made you welcome their death?

With regard to Scalia, one could disagree with his philosophy but not his scholarship. Did you have any particular decision with which you quarrel? I’d like to hear which one and your reasons, that is, if you have actually read any of his opinions.

As for Breitbart, I didn’t know him other than he was in the media business. Unless the first amendment has been repealed, he had a right to espouse whatever philosophy he had. Did it make you angry that he expressed a view with which you didn’t agree?

And, geez, whatever did Bryn do to you?

I often disagree with others actions, but I don’t smile at their demise. Why do you?


You’re projecting volumes through your comments. Shame on you.

just the facts

Spoken as a true progressive with a black heart! Guess winedude did not at attend the SLO County Board of Supervisors discussion on civil discourse. Where is the League of Women Voters when we need them!


Hearts and minds, eh, winedude


Hope Congress can stall so Obamantion can’t put in his form of social justice!

Mitch C

I hope McConnel lets Reid know that the likelihood of a vote coming before the Senate during the first term of the next president is remote.


Oh no. Obama is going to leave behind a big streaming turd in our Supreme Court.


I hope it’s someone that makes conservatives gag at the first whiff, meaning someone with decency and respect for the Constitution.


No, the next president will, watch what happens


Hillary or Bernie? Thank god.