David and Mary Weyrich wanted, alive

March 8, 2016
David and Mary Weyrich

David and Mary Weyrich


Missing the days of wanted posters and rewards? After seven years of attempting to collect a debt, a San Luis Obispo based attorney is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the apprehension and service of process on David and Mary Weyrich.

If only one of the Weyrichs is served with an order to attend a debtors exam, the tipster, who will remain anonymous, earns $1,250, according to attorney Christopher Lewi.

Following a judgment, a creditor can ask debtors to appear in court to answer questions under oath about their assets or property.

If you do not remember the Weyrichs, the couple spent more than $100 million they collected from the 1998 sale of a business previously owned by Mary Weyrich’s father. After garnering the windfall, David Weyrich proceeded to dabble in a number of risky business ventures including newspapers, the development business, wine making, hotels, and jet leasing.

Many of Weyrich’s business ventures failed because of management issues. For example, in 1999, the Weyrichs founded the now-defunct Gazette Newspaper chain, an enterprise of five weekly publications that were mailed to everyone in San Luis Obispo County.

David and Mary Weyrich

David and Mary Weyrich

A year later, a group of 12 reporters, editors, and one publisher dissolved their bonds with the fledgling paper after discovering Weyrich was using the news outlet to promote and advocate anti-gay and anti-abortion sentiments. Long-time journalists — used to having a wall between editorial content and management– refused to break long-standing journalistic rules of ethics.

Ten years later, the Weyrichs were borrowing cash from a number of sources under the assurances their money was temporarily tied up.

In 2008, Cliff Branch and Jim Smith loaned the Weyrichs $1.6 million which both parties agreed was a short-term business loan, personally guaranteed by both David and Mary Weyrich.

Shortly afterwards, numerous lawsuits were filed against the Weyrichs because they had failed to pay many of their debts.

By 2010, David Weyrich was bouncing payroll checks to employees of the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero and refusing to return wedding reservation deposits of up to $10,000.

Branch and Smith won a judgment through the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court against the Weyrichs in 2011, that now totals more than $2 million with accumulated interest.

In a 2013 debtors exam, David Weyrich claimed he and his wife no longer had any assets and no income. During the exam, Mary Weyrich spoke of how they scaled down from an 8,000 square foot nine-bedroom home to a 4,000 square foot four-bedroom house.

Branch and Smith believe the Weyrichs were not quite forth coming about their assets and income during their exam and are seeking to bring them back into court for another debtors exam.

But, the Weyrichs live a bi-coastal lifestyle, residing in at least three residences including the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero and a home on a large pond in Durham, North Carolina. For several years, the pair has been very successful at ducking process servers.

Several weeks ago, Branch sent letters to Weyrichs adult children informing them if their parents did not contact them regarding a proposal or a payment plan, a reward would be offered for information about their whereabouts. No one responded and Branch contacted his attorney Christopher Lewi.

“The first person who can supply me with the physical location of Mr. and Mrs. Weyrich, resulting in successful legal service (in California) on each of them will be entitled to a payment of $2,500; in the event only one of the two judgment debtors is successfully served, the reward will be $1,250 for successful service on that judgment debtor,” according to Christopher Lewi’s wanted poster.

In addition, Branch will pay 10 percent of any money recovered to the informants who give descriptions and locations of the couples assets.

“Several sources have told us that the Weyrichs frequently travel to North Carolina from a home in Ojai, California,” Branch wrote. “We also understand that David Weyrich visits the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero, which his family still oversees. We are simply trying to locate Mr. Weyrich and his wife Mary so we can serve them for another debtor’s exam, to be taken under oath, to better understand how they continue to maintain their lifestyle.”

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David blows $100 million that Mary’s father left to her. I can’t get past imagining the dynamics of their relationship.

Jorge Estrada

Maybe he spent 99 million on liquor and women and only wasted 1 million. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day……

Extremely Stoic

As I remember he gave money to St. Rose, Cuesta College and Cal Poly. He obviously had a good side


“Mary Weyrich spoke of how they scaled down from an 8,000 square foot nine-bedroom home to a 4,000 square foot four-bedroom house”, maybe Cliff Branch and Jim Smith will have to scale down their house to 4,000 sqft. Awww, rich peoples problems.


What a bunch of jerks. The reward should be $25,000 not $2,500. Cheapskates.


The reason why the reward is so low is that the “debtors examination” is basically worthless. They cannot coerce any money, much less the truth from any debtor, just by asking them questions in court. It is only meant to a) embarass the debtor b) get publicity by circulating a poster that simulates a “wanted dead or alive” poster of the wild west even though it is really silly, and 3) hopefully garner sympathy from the public to their plight of not being paid back their million bucks-fat chance.


It’s my understanding that if they fail to fully disclose their financial disposition in the hearing or fail to disclose all assets of any kind, then; they can be held in contempt and jailed.


That reward is just a little over half the price of one of my favorite bottles of Champagne! See ya suckers.


Headline Dave


Boo Hoo!

Two rich fellas got burned by one of their own. Too bad about that, but if you have a couple of million just laying around you can loan a friend for a “short time” (you know, so they can get the oil changed in their Hummer limo) I imagine you have enough money to survive comfortably on when your chum stiffs you on the loan…

This story serves the purpose of illustrating just how the other half lives. Poor babies… I do hope they don’t have to substitute canned catfood for pate!


The funniest bit in this whole piece:

“Long-time journalists — used to having a wall between editorial content and management– refused to break long-standing journalistic rules of ethics.”

HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, journalistic ethics. Good one, CCN!

Used to having a wall? Wow, that “wall” MUST be why printed papers are all but defunct. There’s no way the NY Times management, for instance, coerces their reporters. Or AP/Reuters etc. would EVER skew the Israeli / Palestinian reporting. Nope. There’s not even books written about that by former (lefty) journalists who couldn’t even take it anymore.



The very reason The Trump is so popular.


Wanted alive? Gee. What a life. Stupendous.


This old bugger is out of touch with reality. That reward won’t generate any interest. Make it $10k and he’ll get results.


A stinking match among skunks, for sure. Hard to know if should root for either side.