Grocery Outlet considering Los Osos store

March 19, 2016

Grocery OutletThe Grocery Outlet company is considering taking over the former Haggen Grocery store in Los Osos, company officials said. The location has been empty since Haggen closed last summer leaving the town of approximately 14,000 with only one grocery store.

On Feb. 17 Grocery Outlet applied for five sign permits in Los Osos. The grocer received approval on March 7.

Many former Haggen store locations have remained empty because of issues with the Haggen bankruptcy and finding grocers interested in taking over the locations. Because the Los Osos location does not have the required equipment for a full-service deli, many grocers were not interested in the location.

Grocery Outlet typically provides discounts of up to 60 percent off on brand-name items.


what’s w/ all the negative comments about grocery outlet? you’ve actually shopped there? hard to believe because i think the place is awesome. saves me a TON of money and it’s fun to try things out because they have a very liberal return policy if you don’t like the item.

i don’t like cheap just for the sake of cheap either, by the way. and i hate dollar stores. you should check out their nice website. explains how they do what they do, give back to the communites they’re located in and how much care they take to choose new franchise owners. they tend to pick alot of husband and wife teams. i shop in both slo and santa maria. the santa maria couple (and their son-in-law whose expertise is in the wine section) are wonderful; couldn’t imagine better people. super nice and knowledgeable wine guy in slo too. seriously don’t understand the complaining – oh well, more for me. but they do deserve our support.


Grocery outlet is like having a city block of Tijuana under one roof. They have rotting fruits and veggies. Groceries that are out of code. Broken toys. Dollar store quality non grocery items. A store full of things that nobody else wants.


These discount stores are referred to as”dented can” stores.


never see dented stuff. shopped there for years and years.


what are you talking about?!

nice produce sections, no broken toys/stuff, stores always well organized, clean and tidy.

let’s stroll the aisles together, shall we:

several kinds of meat, all kinds of canned, candy/cookies, vegetarian stuff, organic stuff, toiletries, cosmetics, vitamins, protein bars, tons of cereals, tons of crackers/chips, deli and cheeses, t.p./kleenex/towels etc., baking goods, all kinds of bread, soup, rice/pasta/etc., spices, pet food/supplies, asst. toys/books/rugs/seen-on-tv, etc., good selection of frozen stuff, plants and gardening stuff, AND THE WINE! such a bargain and huge selection.

why am i writing so much about this? because they deserve better than your reviews. they help me w/ my “bottom-line” so i’m trying to help them w/ theirs. and i would hate it if they left. which doesn’t seem likely since they always have alot of customers there. and some of them look like they have good paying jobs, which i certainly can’t say for the few times i’ve been in dollar stores.

Shocked in MB

For those of you so paranoid about “expiration dates” please read this article in the LA Times- ” Is that milk past its ‘sell by’ date? Drink it anyway.”

While you are look at who the author is-not a food manufacturer.

Those of you who know people who are paranoid of the dates, consider that that is probably one of the largest wastes of food in America. I have watched people throw away so much food without as much as a glance or smell. What a waste. I am still not sure who gains from this due date issue.


This is more of the “race to the bottom” in SLO retail. Grocery Outlet’s an awful store, and except for a few items, their prices aren’t that good and the quality often stinks. This isn’t a grocery store, it’s an outlet that has what it has and nothing else. Just what Los Osos needs.

Retail in SLO — dollar stores, grocery outlets, big boxes full of junk from Asian sweatshops, not a decent store in town anymore. No wonder people shop online. Very sad. The solution: the city wants to build still more retail when half of what we have is empty. At Promenade alone, we have three huge vacancies: Gottschalks/Forever 21, Staples/Halloween Store, Home Town Buffet — and that’s the smallest mall in town. But fear not, Gary “Wildomar” Grossman will build yet another mall on the beautiful farmland right across the street.


Couldn’t agree more it won’t be long before we lose Best Buy and Sears, but the new mall will certainly grease our politicians pockets. They probably shop in Monterey or Santa Barbara now so it won’t make a bit of difference to them. When the city needs money they’ll just raise taxes or fees (probably both) and complain of no affordable housing being built.


I do nearly all my grocery shopping at the Grocery Outlet in Atascadero. I find great deals there and yes some things are close to expiration dates but I get just put them in my freezer and thaw when I’m going to use it. The stock rotates so you won’t find the same things there all the time but between Grocery Outlet, Smart and Final and Food 4 Less I only go to regular grocery stores for their loss leader on meat. We eat really good for very little.


Another article I read stated that they had only said they wanted to put up signs advertising their store. No contract had been signed for rental or purchase of the store.

If anybody has never heard of this company, it is a great advertising gimmick. To lead people to their other store locations in SLO county.

Went into one of their stores and found that ‘due dates’ were very close to expiring on lots orf items. If you buy in one of these stores, be sure to check the due date. I also noticed that a great portion of the store was dedicated to alcohol and all types of drinks.


Grocery Outlet Stores are franchised and are independent family owned. I know the one in Atascadero and Paso Robles have different owners. Wonder who would pay for advertising for stores that they don’t own?




Guess this means we’ll be seeing more annoying puppet commercials.


hey – they’re kinda cute and i love that jingle! when you check out w/ big savings the clerk rings a bell and calls it out to the other customers – who cheer and hoot, haha. then you can drop the receipt (w/o financial info) into a box that they use to pick one receipt a month and give that amount of $/credit to one lucky shopper a month. any other “regular” grocery store do that?! i didn’t think so. and no, i have absolutely no relationship to groc. outlet other than being a very happy loyal customer.


This may make some people want to Ralph.