Medical Industry giving big money to Fareed

June 3, 2016
Justin Fareed

Justin Fareed

Two businessmen, in conjunction with their family, friends, employees and associates, have accounted for nearly $200,000 out of the approximately $1 million that District 24 congressional candidate Justin Fareed has raised. Both businessmen live in Los Angeles’ Westside and own at least three dozen nursing facilities. [LA Times]

In the race to replace retiring Rep. Lois Capps, polls indicate four candidates are battling for the top two positions in the June 7 primary: Republicans Fareed and Katcho Achadjian and Democrats Salud Carbajal and Helene Schneider. Of those candidates, Carbajal, a Santa Barbara County supervisor, has raised the most money — about $1.8 million, followed by Fareed, a businessman; Schneider, the mayor of Santa Barbara and Achadjian, a state assemblyman.

Fareed, 28, has described himself as the vice president of his father’s sports medicine business, ProBand Sports Industries. He has courted numerous donors in the healthcare industry.

Lawrence Feigen, as well as at least 30 of his employees, business associates, friends and family members have contributed a total of $108,000 to Fareed. Feigen’s company, SnF Management, owns at least 36 long-term nursing facilities in California and Arizona.

Shlomo Rechnitz, as well as his employees and their family members, have contributed a little more than $74,000 to Fareed’s campaign. Rechnitz owns more than 70 facilities and is said to be California’s largest nursing home operator. In recent years, state and federal authorities have launched criminal investigations into Rechnitz’s companies on charges that included elder abuse and involuntary manslaughter.

Federal law sets the maximum allowable direct donation to candidates at $2,700 for the primary and $2,700 for the general election. Both Feigen and Rechnitz contributed $2,700 to Fareed. Three of Feigen’s family members did, as well.

Additionally, Feigen, his family’s trust and his company contributed $25,000 to New Generation, a political action committee that supported Fareed. Ramat Medical, a company for which Rechnitz is the chief financial officer, also donated $10,000 to the PAC. New Generation has since disbanded.

Feigen and his wife also gave $10,000 to another PAC that was set up to support Fareed.

When asked about the campaign contributions, Feigen said he and his family like people who are honest and are not part of the political establishment. Feigen said he knows Fareed through business connections in the medical sector.

A representative of Rechnitz released a statement saying Rechnitz is a major non-partisan donor who contributed to more than 1,100 institutions last year alone.

The LA Times interviewed several other donors who contributed to Fareed. Some said they did not know anything about Fareed other than that they were told he is a good guy.

West Hollywood resident Viktor Kogan and his wife each contributed $2,700 to Fareed in late October. When asked about the contributions, Kogan said he could not recall donating to Fareed and he had never heard of the candidate.

About 56 percent of donors who have contributed to Fareed this year live outside the 24th District. They accounted for $875,00 of Fareed’s $1.08 million of contributions. One L.A. Westside ZIP code, 90036, alone accounted for $235,000, or nearly 25 percent, of the money Fareed has raised since the beginning of the campaign.

By comparison, Achadjian, who according to several polls has a substantial lead over his opponents, has received only a few small donations from PACs. His total contributions are just over $667,000.


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The guy doesn’t remember donating because he didn’t donate. Some big donor made a donation in his name without his knowledge – it happens all the time.

A couple of years ago I was googling my own name and I found it associated with some political contributions back in the 90s on the State’s political finance website. It was definitely me and I definitely did not make a donation, but I did know someone who was working on that campaign, so they just launder money using names of anyone they know to get around the donor limits.

The entire, and I do mean ENTIRE political landscape is so corrupted by money that there is no real hope for true representation any more. Sure, we can elect a Dan Carpenter and he seems like an honest guy, but Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is just a movie – he has no hope of making a real difference with so much big money being thrown around.

doesnt matter republic or democrat……follow the money and try to figure out how they are trying to manipulate and screw you outta yo money…..anybody who sees this kids ads that is a decent judge of character has to think he is a fraud.

Since one of the biggest concerns, indeed probably the genesis of all other problems in politics is MONEY and how they acquire it, think about a candidate that has been working to reform campaign financing for years, out of his own pocket. He has also devoted substantial time to volunteering for community projects and good causes. He has been a successful rancher and done a bit of development. He knows quite a lot about carbon sequestration and how to reduce carbon in the atmosphere by fixing it into the soil, which creates a much more fertile base while combating the imbalance of carbon going into the air and water. He is very well informed on improving education, since he has boys of his own to educate and he is dedicated to improving the jobs market and health care situations. He supports a work/service program for youths, that requires them to invest 500 hrs. of their time in whatever way (militarily, community service, public works, volunteerism) in order to give each person a feeling of investment in our culture and our country.

Add to this the fact that when he opens his mouth you can hear the education, the experience and the heart that goes into his statements. I am registered No Party Preference, so am drawn to a candidate for their capability, honesty, values and track record. This is a man who knows enough about politics to get things accomplished and has solid life experience to be pragmatic. His name is William (Bill) Ostrander and I have already voted for him ! Check him out and what ever you do, be sure to VOTE !

He says the right things in his add but I’m sorry this kid needs life experience. Who graduates college and decides to be a politician? Carbajal is running to be pelosi’s little bitch just like Capp was. Pelosi told Capp to jump and she responded “how high”. Carbajal and Fareed seem to want to be politicians not representatives.

I have dealt with Katcho’s businesses in the South County and I feel Katcho would operate the same way in Congress.

Straight Up!

All in all, he’s just another brick in the wall…..

One thing I like about Fareed’s television ads

They have a link to Cal Coast News

and their reporting of the north County water issues.

Ha! I guess the Tribune was so off no one can quote them.

Justin Fareed’s ads make me sick. He says nothing because he has to check in with Daddy what to do.

Voting for him is a form of WELFARE. The kid has never worked

Go work in the fields everyday at Daddy’s ranch and then come tell us what working feels like and how much you admire men who work for a living.

Is that any different than Capps checking with Pelosi and Democratic party before making her votes? oh yeah that’s right she didn’t check, they just told her straight out every time how to vote.

And now a PAC, created by Pelosi just for Carbajal, is funding him. $300K and counting from them just to play dirty with slander and falsehoods. It’s shocking that CCN is the only media outlet to report on that. Tells you where all of them live.