More SLO County Democrats voted in the primary than Republicans

June 11, 2016


More than 78 percent of registered Democrats in San Luis Obispo County voted in the California primary compared to a 58.6 percent Republican turnout, according to an election summary report released on Friday. There are 9,524 ballots remaining to be counted.

In San Luis Obispo County, registered Republicans outnumber Democrats 60,751 to 54,850. Nevertheless, 7,293 more Democrats than Republicans voted for a presidential candidate in Tuesday’s primary.

It is likely the high Democratic voter turnout impacted several local races.

In the District 1 supervisor race, Peschong took 45.94 percent of the vote and narrowly missed the 50 percent needed to win the District 1 seat in the primary. In a primary election, if no candidate gets over 50 percent of the vote, the top two candidates advance to the general election.

Peschong and Democrat Steve Martin, who received 34.93 percent of the vote, will face each other in a November runoff election. With 5,863 more Republicans in District 1 than Democrats, Peschong is favored to win in the general election.

In the District 3 supervisor race, Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 1,579. Even so, amid allegations of bullying and questions about his cozy relationships with developers, incumbent Supervisor Adam Hill, a Democrat, received only 41.80 percent of the primary election vote and is at risk of losing his seat to Dan Carpenter.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

Carpenter, registered decline to state, came in second place with 31.56 percent of the vote followed by Democrat Debbie Peterson with 26.41 percent of the vote.

In the District 5 supervisor race, Republicans outnumbered Democrats by 2,647. And while a recent CCN poll showed District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold, a Republican, leading Democrat Eric Michielssen by approximately 20 percent, with low Republican turnout Arnold won the seat in the primary election by only 6.9 percent of the vote.

In the local State Assembly race, the district leans Republican. Nevertheless, Democrat Dawn Ortiz-Legg came in first with 44.6 percent of the vote, followed by Republican Jordan Cunningham with 37.7 percent, Republican Steve LeBard with 14.6 percent and Libertarian Dominic Rubini with 3.1 percent. Ortiz-Legg and Cunningham will face off in November.

While Ortiz-Legg led in the primary, because Lebard split some of the Republican vote and a greater percentage of Republicans are expected to vote in the general election, Cunningham may be favored to win in November.

The 35th State Assembly District consists of all of San Luis Obispo County and much of northern Santa Barbara County, including Santa Maria and Lompoc.

The low Republican voter turnout in San Luis Obispo County has likely contributed to Republican Katcho Achadjian’s failure to advance on as a candidate for the 24th District congressional seat. In addition, Katcho’s support of a Paso Robles basin water district, which was rejected by 77 percent of voters,  was a factor in increased voter dissatisfaction.

Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian

Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian

The 24th Congressional District consists of all of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties and part of Ventura County. Voter registration in the district is 37 percent Democrat, 33 percent Republican and 23 percent decline to state.

Democrat Salud Carbajal is leading with 31.9 percent of the votes and will likely face off with Republican Justin Fareed in November. Fareed trails Carbajal with 20.7 percent of the vote followed by Achadjian at 19.0 percent.

In San Luis Obispo County, Achadjian has 6,463 more votes than Fareed. However, in Santa Barbara County, Fareed leads over Achadjian by 9,196 votes. Overall, Achadjian trails Fareed by 3,020 votes.

Final counts are expected to be completed by the end of June.


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As I’ve pointed out elsewhere before: when republicans are given a turd, they stay home; when democrats are given a turd, they toe the party line in lock-step.

I’m not sure which one I find more sad and pathetic. Probably their candidates.

Just think with all Democrats the Legislature will be like the Night of the Living Dead.

Let’s make sure law enforcement investigates Team Adam Hill. The cronyism in SLO is the worst ever. Steve Adamski, James Wagstaffe, Tom Jones, Tom Fulks, Aaron Ochs, Ed Ochs, Mary Lucey, etc. Wagstaffe is the biggest crook of the bunch. I would be willing to bet he is being compensated for the Tenborg lawsuit, and just claims he is doing it pro bono. These guys are crooked.

Fire Adam Hill and his crooked Team.

Don’t expect Dow to do any investigation against Hill, they both feed from the same trough and eat the same slop…Getting ready to be used by the “Animal Farm”….

You are so ignorant. Hill hates Dow and has been out to get him since day 1. Fulks ran Covello’s dirty campaign against Dow. Dow is honest, ethical, and nice…all three attributes Ass Hill has never been accused of possessing. You have a chip on your shoulder for Dow for some reason and until you come up with some evidence for YOUR slop then shut up.

“…and until you come up with some evidence for YOUR slop then shut up.”

And where is YOUR proof that validates YOUR slop.

Oh..and please, DON’T shut up…some of us BELIEVE in freedom of speech.

Mr./Mrs. Perp, Dow is a county elected politician, his check comes from the government. Dow’s first concern is getting re-elected. Same trough and same slop. Fact, yes sir/ma’am. Ethical, honest and nice? Rather subjective terms, perception is your choice, have a great day!!!

Mr. Thomas A.


You left an “L” out of that word above.

Hehe, yes, he clearly meant to spell DILTTO.

You lamebrain Republicans tried to ‘fix’ elections in your favor by installing the ‘jungle’ primary. Now we have the top state race for senator with two Democrats: State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris and Congressperson Loretta Sanchez.

Republicans are so good at screwing everybody, they eventually screw themselves.


I cant recall how many times I have heard prominent members of the Dem community including Hillary tell us in detail how screwed up our country is under the current Obama admin. It makes no sense to me that the same person who says this, kisses ass and is then backed by the one who has screwed things up. Pretty clear to most its not about a persons abilities its about party lines regardless of what that person has done in the way of crimes murders, lies, blatant ass kissing for votes etc,etc. Its just plain pathetic what our political & legal system and its blood sucking maggots have turned things into. Watch who you’re calling Moron SFB, Trump just might be your daddy sooner than ya think.

Actually Slowerfaster as usual you have it all backwards. It’s you and all those who have your same “progressive” agenda that has screwed everybody. Even you.

All suffer due to the evil deeds of the few. Thanks.

dems in ca? ooooh nooo

I think Hill and Gibson should take a bow in greatly helping Katcho to lose the primary race.

Had Hill and Gibson not pushed for control of the water basin toward Katcho, he would at least still be in the running. Well done gentlemen!!

The 24th District will have 2 choices in November, Salud or Justin. As I understand it, from the initial inquiring, that Mr. Fareed is largely supported by 2 different operators of a chain of southern California nursing homes. And as long as Mr. Fareed includes in his mandate to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. He is being groomed to obtain a position of power as a politician. The puppetry starts early and young.

Mr. Thinking, I for one appreciate Hill and Gibson, their true colors are extremely bright. Katcho is too blame for his demise, he knew who Hill and Gibson are, their corrupt and arrogant attitudes. If Katcho fell for them, “then he would fall for anything”, and is that what we need in office?????

Hill is a real piece of work, getting 41% of the electorate is so sweet. Katcho will not help Gibson or Hill, they’re now isolated and alone, waiting for the November elections. No one in Sacramento is coming to their assistance. Hill is done, fini, toast, kaput, over and gone.

Fulks and Ochs, your gravy train of dementia is running toward a torn up bridge and will soon be done tormenting the public. Hill will lose by a 20% margin and even Mayor Karl Marx can’t save him…Job well done Bruce….

The rest of the country screwed CA by allowing themselves to be snookered by the greatest RINO of all time, Trump. If the primary voters had at least allowed Cruz to be viable leading into the CA primary turnout would have been at record high levels and Peschong would have won outright. If only Debbie Peterson had withdrawn and supported Carpenter, he would have won outright. However, if THAT had happened, can you imagine the destruction and bullying that would have emanated from the Hill camp if he had been a lame duck all these months?

Lots of “what ifs” in this election, but, in November, we should be looking pretty good locally. Nationally, we are screwed.

but what was the percentage of decline to state/independent that voted?

As an “NP” voter, I was asked to pick which ballot I wanted to vote with: Democrat, American Independent, or Libertarian. I picked Dem and voted for Bernie.

So I wonder were you considered a “Democrat” who voted?, or is there a catergory for “NP’s” and which ballots did they choose?