Norovirus outbreak at San Luis Obispo middle school

June 11, 2016

Laguna Middle SchoolAbout 80 Laguna Middle School students and one teacher appear to have contracted the Norovirus prompting school officials to postpone the eighth grade dance until next Friday. Students started their summer break on Thursday.

“Due to an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness in our 8th grade class, we have reason to believe our students have possible been exposed to a highly contagious disease,” Principal John Calandro wrote in a Thursday email to parents.

Norovirus, which is spread through fecal/oral transmission, causes nausea, vomiting and fever. Symptoms usually last from 48 to 72 hours.

County health officials confirmed that several middle school students tested positive for the norovirus. Officials suspect the students and the teacher caught the virus while sharing food at a school potluck picnic on Tuesday.



Only 6 out of 10 people wash their hands after using the bathroom, even though 9 out of 10 SAY they do.

When someone doesn’t wash their hands and prepares potluck food, someone’s going to have a shitty time.


Another reason to STOP using the schools as restaurants. Actually, they are not… restaurants have to actually maintain sanitary conditions and not serve contaminated food, less they be liable. I’m sure the school’s liability here is zero.

What a dangerous premise: Full control and no liability.


See what happens when you follow the First Lady’s school guidelines.


It was an end-of-year pool party and BBQ. They were eating hot dogs, chips, cookies and other things that are definitely NOT part of the first lady’s nutritional recommendations, or the district’s Wellness Policy guidelines.


At least they were eating, no one would eat what she wants you to day after day.


There must have been an argument and someone yelled “eat sh*t”!


I thought I heard a lot of barking at the moon that night.