Patient robs marijuana deliveryman in Ventura

June 6, 2016

medical marijuan rxA medical marijuana deliveryman working for a Paso Robles-based mobile dispensary was robbed while making a delivery in Ventura. Officers say one of the suspects in the robbery may have posed as a patient receiving the delivery. [KCOY]

On Friday afternoon, Santa Barbara resident Edgar Aguilar, 27, attempted to make a delivery in the 900 block of S. Wells Road when two men entered his vehicle, physically assaulted him and demanded his property, including all of the marijuana he was transporting.

The thieves fled in a small dark car. However, officers spotted the vehicle and tried to stop it. The suspects briefly evaded police before being stopped in the 700 block of Springfield Avenue.

Police searched the car and found stolen marijuana and the victim’s property. They arrested Oxnard residents Deondre Vines, 18; Treyvon Williams, 19; and Malikk Williams, 18. Moorpark resident Nicholas Jones, 19, was also arrested.

Officers charged Vines, Jones and Malikk Williams with robbery and conspiracy. Treyvon Williams was charged with possession of stolen property.

Police later obtained a search warrant for a home on Providence Avenue and recovered more stolen property.

A detective said a similar incident occurred in May when a medical marijuana deliverer was robbed at gunpoint of money and marijuana.

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This all goes away when Californians begin to legally grow their own, in their back yards next year.

Hey we have a woman on video stealing plants from the outside of a jewelry store, all this speaks more about our society than what is being stolen from whom.

Yes, brick and mortar can afford some safety over and above a delivery based system, but don’t forget that liquor stores and convenience stores get robbed all the time too.

Thieves have been around longer than pot delivery businesses.

Banks, too! Perhaps we should make banks illegal?

Brick and morter dispensaries provide a safe environment for medical marijuana patients to buy their cannibis.