Thief steals plants from Atascadero jewelry store

June 6, 2016

A police search is on for a woman whom surveillance footage caught stealing from an Atascadero jewelry store. The woman stole succulent plants, not jewelry.

K-Jon’s Fine Jewelers posted a video on its Facebook page showing a thief driving up to its store in a a blue SUV. The woman gets out of the vehicle, walks up to a pot of succulents and rips out the plants. She then grabs more succulents from another pot, places them in a box and drives off.

The woman appears to be wearing a magenta shirt, grey sweatpants and eyeglasses. She has black hair, which was in a pony tail at the time.

A timestamp on the video states the incident occurred on May 29 at around 6:10 a.m. K-Jon’s is located at 5255 El Camino Real.

Employees of K-Jon’s are requesting that anyone who recognizes the car or the thief give them a call. The store can be reached at (805) 466-7248.

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All the APD has to do is look up a Toyota Highlander in that model year range and color and start from there. This isn’t rocket science. If she was doing this at 6am, shes probably local and not some out-of-towner cruising the highway for succulents. Come on APD, this shouldn’t be very hard. I bet she still has dirt in her vehicle!!

Just the other day some guy tapped me on the shoulder.. “hey bro, you want succulent? Got suxs high quality bro”

Hey, if they have them out front they’re free right? It’s not stealing.

K -Jons should review their old tapes. She came with her box ready to steal them. She must have seen them before….meaning she had to have been there previously? Also get your best still shot of just her face. Someone will know who this is! Cops should be able to id vehicle type.

First of all, I’d like to commend her on a very gutsy parking move that only the most advanced scoundrels would attempt. Secondly, I have counseled my children that succulents are a gate way theft to jewelry. And lastly, had the thief not left trace mounts of soil, no would have noticed, the surveillance video would not have been reviewed and she would have got away Scott free. Book-em Dan-o!

Caught in the THICK of it! In the FLESH!

Was she working ALOEn? Were they seen mouthing the phrase, “CACTUS if you can!”

A real THORN in the side of K-Jon…

OK, that’s all I got.

(he said to cheers and sighs of relief)

Sorry, all you get from me on those is a “Boooo, Hissss.”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Absolutely amazing and stupid.

Right? Facing prosecution for a succulent…

Prosecution? No. A fine, maybe.

LOL….I keep waiting for word to get around to the dummy class….hey! there are cameras everywhere! LOL

Especially at jewelry stores…