Pipe bursts in SLO, floods part of Farmers’ Market

June 4, 2016

SLO_City_Emblem_fullcolor_neutralbkgF. McClintocks did not serve tri-tip and ribs at Farmers’ Market Thursday evening. A water main burst and flooded McClintocks’ section of Higuera Street. [KSBY]

Shortly after 4:30 p.m., a 10-inch water main burst underneath Higuera Street. The broken pipe forced officials to shut down Farmers’ Market between Broad and Nipomo Streets.

At about 7:30 p.m., public works crews brought out a large jackhammer and began tearing up the location of the broken pipe.

City officials shut off water service to some homes and businesses. It is not known how many properties were affected by the outage.

In May 2015, another water main broke in downtown San Luis Obispo. The rupture caused 350,000 gallons of water to spill. That pipe had been installed in 1942.

Following the 2015 incident, Aaron Floyd, the city’s deputy water director, said some pipes were beginning to show their age, but it would cost $1 million per mile to replace San Luis Obispo’s ageing pipes. There are about 145 miles of pipeline in the city.

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When Aaron Floyd speaks realize that deception and lying come natural to him just ask his girl friend

So 1 mile equals $1 million. That would mean they are charging $190 a foot to replace water lines. Clearly this pays for 5 guys standing around holding up shovels while one guy operates a backhoe and two guys hold stop signs. The bloat at SLO city never ends.

You forgot the guys who actually remove and install the pipes.

More evidence of incompetence in running the happiest place. Marx and Lichtig must go.

Mmmmm… fix the plumbing or give the city attorney another raise ? Fix the plumbing or give the city attorney another raise ? I had to repeat it twice cause the answer seems so easy. But City Counsel and the Mayor x 3 years continues have only one answer. Another Raise !!!!!!!

Deferred maintenance will bite you in the ass every time. Like the commercial says…”you can pay me now or PAY me later.

How exactly does anyone “maintain” underground pipes? That particular pipe is nearly 75 years old.

Well un, this is how it’s supposed to work. On a regularly scheduled basis, the DPW inspects the pipes with what’s known as a camera…yeah, a camera, checking for cracks and anything that might impair the integrity of the pipe.

Believe it or not, it’s not rocket science.

Another Flint, MI crisis is in the offing for SLO. 1942? Think there is any lead content in those pipes?

The city “tests” for lead in the water in people’s homes. Ha, ha. Here’s how they do it. They long ago choose 30 homes that don’t have a lead problem, and go back to those same homes to “test” year after year, knowing that way the tests will show “no lead problem.” You bet a lot of us have lead in our water, and the city doesn’t give a damn! Marx and Lichtig must go.

Ben Daho, need you ask; the wicked queen will demand higher and more taxes.

The idea of infrastructure for downtown is planting, removing, replanting, dig them out, replant, install fancy sidewalks, remove them, replace, remove them, etc. They deserve their priority list and it couldn’t happen on a better night.

SLO waste money like rain falling. For what the citizens pay in water rates this City could install at lease 2-3 miles a year of their oldest lines. I am a native of SLO but moved out because of the taxes, enforcement, homelessness, students, bars, congestion, bikes, mismanagement and operation of the City. Most of the population has become rental/transit as the smart people have moved and left the City to the Democrats and their urban oversee.

so, we’re seeing the Infrastructure crumbling beneath our feet. Now what?

Not worry, the city employees got their Christmas bonuses and more are sure to come, and the city manager and attorney got their big raises……….