Adam Hill is a corrupt bully, he must go

October 12, 2016
Jim Duenow

Jim Duenow


Adam Hill is up for reelection and we must defeat him. When he first ran for office I supported him with my money and my vote. Boy was I wrong!

With Adam Hill, it’s all about the the money. Once elected, he quickly crawled into the pockets of the developers.

We always knew Mr. Hill was an unabashed bully. We didn’t find out until he was in office just how corrupt he is.

Most recently he railed at developer supporters for not giving him enough money:

“The EVC is still funded strongly by the county because of me—no one else on the Board of Supervisors cares about it,” Hill wrote. “If it is to strengthen going forward, it will take my advocacy, and yes pushing.

Is this a request for a bribe or an acknowledgement of a pay-off?

To help clean-up the corruption in this county we must get rid of Adam Hill.

Jim Duenow has lived in San Luis Obispo County for 50 years. He is a civil trial lawyer, now semi-retired, who has served on multiple San Luis Obispo City commissions and committees.

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And why can’t people see that Jan Marx is just as bad? Adam is just a little too arrogant. Jan as quietly as possible gives away city-owned land and sabotages airport operations benefiting the entire community for the benefit of her favored developers, all the while portraying herself as the liberal “controlled growth” candidate. As Kevin Rice has so well articulated, this is not about the issues, on which we can work to agree to the greatest extent possible, it is about hypocrisy, arrogance and corruption. Another right-winger for Carpenter… and Heidi Harmon.

No one has suggested that Marx isn’t just as bad as Hill. Both must go. Far.

Hypocrisy, arrogance and corruption.

Barneich, Waller and Ray.

Which is which?

Hypocrite = Waller

Arrogant = Barneich

Corrupt = Ray

What happened to just wanting to help your city heal and move on?

The Tribune is as corrupt as Adam Hill. To overlook Hill’s transgressions, bullying, and corruption and endorse him over Dan Carpenter tells you they are both simply part of the vast left wing conspiracy. I can’t wait until the Trib goes to zero, it is just a matter of time. The term “objective press” is sadly out of date.

The tribune thinks he is wonderful and mean people make these posts about him.

I gave up my subscription 2 years ago. The Trib’s making light of serious graft reinforces a culture of corruption that goes unchecked because our little county is simply not on the radar of enforcement agencies.

A good friend just gave up her Trib subscription and I’m going to be next…..don’t vote for most of the candidates they support. For some, it’s the kiss of death.

Send your money and support to Dan Carpenter.

I gave up my subscription after the Tribune’s uneducated bias over the last election. Have not missed it one time in the whole year!

Short, truthful, and to the point. Good job Jim…

Amen, but sadly the fibune has failed to recognize the ills that Hill represents starting with bullying and cronyism and taking credit for things that he is peripherally involved with etc.