Carbajal and Fareed get testy at Cal Poly debate

October 21, 2016
Justin Fareed

Justin Fareed

During a debate rife with personal attacks and leading questions, Democrat Salud Carbajal showed he does not intend to stop discussing Republican Justin Fareed’s supposed support for presidential candidate Donald Trump. Fareed revealed he cannot name anything about Carbajal which he admires.

On Thursday evening, KSBY anchor Carina Corral moderated the second televised debate between 24th District congressional candidates Carbajal and Fareed at Cal Poly’s Spanos theater.

In addition to posing questions about global warming, gun control and immigration reform, Corral asked the candidates whether or not they support women’s reproductive rights, “free” community college, marriage equality, unisex bathrooms in schools and transgender rights.

On Diablo Canyon — the primary San Luis Obispo County issue that was discussed — Fareed said the nuclear plant needs to be retrofitted and used as a desalination plant. Carbajal said it needs to be determined whether Diablo Canyon can be transformed into a regional desalination plant. However, that cost may fall on local ratepayers, Carbajal said.

At the end of the televised portion of the debate, Corral asked Carbajal and Fareed to name something each admires about the other candidate.

Carbajal praised Fareed’s confidence and desire to serve in Congress as a young man. Carbajal said that when he was Fareed’s age he had other priorities, like serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and raising a young family.

“Sounded like a whole lot of nonsense to me,” Fareed responded. “The answer is no I can’t,” he said when stating whether or not he could name something he admires about Carbajal.

Salud Carbajal

Salud Carbajal

Prior to posing the question, Corral said she was trying to conclude on a positive note. The debate then continued an additional half hour with KSBY livestreaming it online.

In a repeat of the first debate, Carbajal continually attacked Trump and accused Fareed of supporting him. Carbajal said multiple times that Fareed has been standing with Trump’s racism and misogyny. He also said Fareed is standing with a presidential candidate who condones Russia meddling in American elections.

Fareed said it is expedient for Carbajal to make their congressional campaign about the presidential race.

Carbajal and Fareed each accused the other of being a “puppet” of respective Republican and Democratic interests. The candidates did shake hands at the conclusion of the debate, though.


it would have been better if the headline was: “Carbajal and Fareed get testes at Cal Poly debate”. both need to grow a pair. that aside, a vote for Salud is essentially an incumbent vote, time for change.


About the only thing similar between this Congressional race and the Presidential race is

that both are going to make you hold your nose and close your eyes when you vote.

I, personally, do not believe Carbajal will be much different that Capps (and God only knows how that went for the vast majority of us).

But, on the other hand, I am also very concerned that Fareed wants this job for himself and his rich backers. He has all this talk about “new ideas”; but has yet failed to commit to either getting some solid results or make a public promise that he will not run again. I don’t buy the crap that it may take multiple terms to get a feel for Washington before one can really effect change.

This country needs term limits on ALL elected offices. Get elected, and do the job, or get

the H – – L out of there and let someone else try.

So, hold your nose – but please go vote. And defeat each and every tax proposal on the ballot.


Rich backers are Carbajal’s who’ve poured more than $3 million Clinton Cash into this race. If you value the Resnicks of Beverly Hills to influence Oak Trees in Paso Robles, vote Carbajal. If you value Clinton Foundation influence as Clinton Global Initiative programs tied to California’s climate laws, specifically SB375 Sustainability Communities Strategy that diverts local funds to national priories that favor development, vote Carbajal. If Rick Carouso’s development schemes are something you value in an area where retirees have finite well water and a long lifespan, vote Carbajal. If you want the guy who speaks truth and doesn’t care about party but wants to hold Congress accountable to taxpayers, vote Fareed. Listen to Fareeds ideas about 2 year budgeting. About revisiting laws to ensure they serve a good instead of benefiting Diane Feinstein whose husband has been paid millions from diverted Cap+Trade revenue to build a Bullet Train to nowhere.

Carbajal = Clinton Cash in a Rigged System.


Fareed lost my vote when he brought himself into the hate Trump spotlight.


And I would never vote for Carbajal.


Lost my vote when he always says “we’ll talk later.”


you have to let it go and Vote Fareed because Carbajal has already got $3 million in Clinton Cash. A vote for Fareed is a vote against Hillary Clinton since her puppet Carbajal would never serve San Luis, Ventura or Santa Barbara while Fareed is local. Why would you ever put Donald Trump ahead of your local interests? Who is Donald Trump for us to lose a history making election to put a Republican back in California’s Congressional District 24. Grow up! The President doesn’t serve your local interests. Justin Fareed would!


Carbajal is Obama type if you like Obama then elect Carbajal

If you hate gas and oil elect Carbajal

If you hate more jobs from the private sector elect Carbajal

IF YOU WANT to be free of government overreach DO NOT ELECT Carbajal

Instead elect Justin Fareed


what makes you think that a 28 year old who has never interviewed and gotten a job for anything, can be effective.

Fareed needs to start at the bottom: maybe on a commission or a committee for the City and then run for City Council first.

He wants the prize at the end without doing the work.


That’s not accurate. Fareed served in DC already. He ran before and lost. Instead of whining, he learned from his first campaign, spent all his time 1:1 from Ventura through Santa Barbara to San Luis meeting with farmers, business owners, mothers and students. Visiting Cal Poly Hothouse and attending the Paso Robles Pioneer Day Parade and Templeton HS football game just so he’s near the constituents he’d serve. Yet, his opponent Carbajal is ashamed of Lompoc. How can Carbajal serve Lompoc when he considers them an armpit?


Be suspect of any one who promises you anything free.Nothing is free except if you are a welfare leech ten the working person has to pay so it is still not free. I resent paying taxe’s on my phone,and all utilities to support won’t work bums.When I was young and on my was to Korea my wife and I had a six week old that was sick being I was in transit We took her to a county hospital we were told if you can’t afford them don’t have them. Ever since the I have to hell with all charities. Cannoncocker


As with the Presidential election, both candidates are substandard. The normal, hardworking people are too committed to work/family/life to play in the political circus. We ‘hope’ for good and dedicated people to serve, but now face a reality wherein substandard and possibly corrupt folks are on the ballot. Be carefull.


Carbajal is nothing more than a tax and spend liberal living at the public trough of ca$h he votes to improve his bottom line while owing back taxes.

Another guberment employee bumb.


I kept reading thinking this article would provide more information. It never did. I guess I’ll have to wait for the Tribune’s version of the debate.


Expect to always have the Tribune say that the democrat won the debate, no matter how poor the performance. And always expect that the Tribune will support a tax increase, no matter how wasteful it is. Pretty predictable and why their opinions are so valued in this community.


It’s 2016. You can stream it and watch the entire thing on your mobile or computer. Get real. Let their answers clear things up if you’re confused. Why do you need the information filtered through an aged-out media source that’s lost relevance to the voters in this historic election? Or do you not trust your own judgement if you watch the debate for yourself?


Was Carbajal debating Trump or Fareed?


He never once brought up Hillary Clinton. And that’s sad because her fundraising apparatus has garnered Carbajal more than $3 million from out of district sources in this race. I was confused why Carbajal wouldn’t give a shout out to his sugar-mama when he’s so obsessed with Trump?