Acceptance and Adam Hill

January 28, 2017
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


Now that the victors of last November have all been sworn in, some of us are having difficulty accepting the results. Just look at President Donald Trump and San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill.

Reality has landed. Both have been elected and both have been seated. While some struggle with the reality of Trump, I’ve been struggling with the reelection of Hill.

I thought the voters of the District 3 would see through him and know better. I had also hoped that after a bitterly contested race that some humility might creep into Hill’s persona. I was wrong on both counts.

Reality is reality. We have no choice but to accept it, just as Adam Hill should accept the elections of John Peschong and Debbie Arnold to the Board of Supervisors. But will he?

If the first two major board meetings of the year are any indication, we shouldn’t be holding our breath that he will. But after his fetid blast of “The Gloves Are Off” in the New Times castigating supervisors Peschong, Arnold and Lynn Compton, and insulting retired supervisor Frank Mecham, he not only refuses to accept reality, he has created a self-destructive breach with his colleagues that has little chance of healing.

He didn’t burn the bridge, he nuked the bridge. That he has done so at the probable expense of his future effectiveness as a member of the board for the remainder of this term is all but a given.

Just one month into his new term, it’s time that the residents of District 3 realize that his behavior has now left them with zero influence on the majority of the board, relegating Hill completely ineffective in representing his constituents.

Just consider the Jan. 10 Board of Supervisor’s meeting. It was a rough one for all of them. While Hill had hoped to be elected Chair, the selection went to District 1 Supervisor John Peschong. That should not be a surprise. After all, Frank Mecham never served out his full term as Chair in 2015. His selfless gesture to let Debbie Arnold to have her first chance at chair was a noble one. Thus it was only reasonable that Peschong complete Mecham’s incomplete term.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

Nonetheless, Hill was appointed as vice chair at that same meeting which puts him in line to be chair next year. As vice chair, Hill will also serve as chair the board in Peschong’s absence, including during the forthcoming Phillips 66 hearings this March when Peschong recuses himself.

But Hill’s performance at and since that first meeting of 2017 has demonstrated that he has learned nothing about how to comport himself with his colleagues. In fact, he has given them pause on whether to ever consider him for chair again. After all, even the local leader of Hill’s Democratic Party said that Hill is done little to deserve the chairmanship of the Board of Supervisors.

Rather than graciously accepting the nomination as vice chair, Hill went ballistic, lashing out at Peschong and the Supes who supported him. Then Hill and Gibson locked arms to vote against Lynn Compton and Ian Parkinson for the private funding of a sheriff’s substation to enhance public safety in the South County that thankfully carried on a 3-2 vote.

Nice job of unnecessarily alienating your colleagues twice right out of the gate! What did they hope to accomplish by that?

Then came the board meeting of Jan. 24 when the board appointed John Peschong and Lynn Compton to the County Supervisors Association of California (CSAC), Peschong and Compton to the EVC, and Arnold and Compton to LAFCO over the strenuous objections of Hill and Gibson. After serving on CSAC for eight years, Gibson must’ve thought he owned the position, claiming that Peschong “was unqualified for CSAC.” Gee, nice complement Bruce. Can’t you give someone else a chance?

Then Hill and Gibson went on a rampage of accusations that the board majority “is controlled by developers” when in fact no supervisor garnered more money from developers than– you guessed it– Adam Hill. What hypocrisy!

Gibson’s protestations and admonishments to those who supported Peschong for chair that they were “damaging the collegiality of the  board” had more than a hollow ring to them. It is Hill and Gibson who have tossed aside their working relationships with the remainder the board. With Gibson’s comments that he was “oscillating between sadness and outrage,”  keep on oscillating Bruce!

While I have reluctantly accepted Hill’s election, I will be oscillating alternately between the reality of another term of Hill’s Jersey machine politics and the outright joy that I have four more years to write about him!

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I was very pleased to see the action that the BOS took in selecting John Pechong as their chair. Plain and simple Adam Hill is a loser anyway you look at it. In the private sector he would have been sent down the road along time ago or someone who he insulted would have taken him out back behind the barn to teach him a lesson. Although I have no idea what it may take to teach him a lesson after he completely lost it in the New Times after the BOS tried to teach him a lesson.

The sad part of this is that it is politics as usual and goes on at all levels of government. The majority rules and that is what the people voted for. If Hill and Gibson had a strong 3rd vote they would be doing the exact same things but with different end results.

Adam Hill is just a arrogant, egotistical and crooked loser.

Will be interesting to see if the business/developer entities still ‘pamper’ Supervisor Adam Hill with campaign dollars now that he is not part of the new majority on the Board of Supes!

Why is Adam Hill still around? Dam he is DISGUSTING! Would be sooooo very happy if he would just GO AWAY

The developers WILL still give to Adam Hill as they are afraid of Adam Hill and his crazy behavior.

It is the Stockholm Syndrom and being a Victim for so long will not go away for fear that in 2 years they will be back on the hook and…you get the idea.

I’m still enjoying that Gibson was tossed off of CSAC. For those who don’t know, CSAC regularly meets in Sacramento to discuss local issues at the state level. Of course, for Bruce, it was just a chance to be in Sacramento and promote all things Bruce under the guise that it was on behalf of SLO County. No more. Thank you to the Thoughtful Three on the SLO Co. Board for doing what’s best for SLO County.

That is a good article, Mr. Gurnee. I talked to a worker in the planning department today. I told him that I go to most SLO County Board of Supervisors meetings. The more rancor at the meeting the more entertaining the meeting is for me. I want to publically thank Supervisors Hill and Gibson for keeping the rancor especially high at these meetings.

I have appointed myself the voluntary logician to the board. For the last several years I have been reporting examples of false reasoning by supervisors and public speakers. The two supervisors mentioned above are especially adept at false reasoning. I will continue my efforts until correct reasoning is the order of the day and false reasoning diminishes.

Gary Kirkland

Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson pride themselves on their support of women. I noticed Gibson participated in the recent SLO Women’s March. Only problem is that both only support women who are liberal and progressive.

Hill and Gibson constantly harass and insult Supervisors Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold who are strong and capable conservative women.

In the minds of the two men, there is no room to accept women who hold an opposing philosophy.

Suggest Hill and Gibson get over it! Also suggest all thank Compton and Arnold for putting up with these two for so long. It’s a new day in San Luis Obispo County.

No, they only support women who do their bidding. There are many independent liberal progressive women who they also abuse.

Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situations. No sirree. Not a pretty cocktail in an public office and not a pretty cocktail in a BOS. In fact, in a leader, it’s a lethal cocktail.


Wow! You said something powerful, “He has been politically disposed by two outstanding women…”

Our women are smart, strong, capable and have endured the wrath of Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill far toooooo long.

CSAC, EVC and LAFCO apparently were special awards to only be given to Progressives like Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill.

Time for change and with a new board majority it was achievable and did happen.

I guess refusing any other assignments is what your voters really like in you both. Pout and cry it is very “cute”.

Kieth thank you for a great article and well said.

Regarding his opinion, “The Gloves Are Off”, in the New Times, Hill confirms his arrogance in criticizing Board of Supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton, Hill sulks. He has been politically disposed by two outstanding women who with John Peschong form a SLO Board majority. Good government has been served. The consequences for those who supported Hill is the fact that it appears they have elected a vociferous egotist whose self esteem and impaired judgmentalism undermines his practical utility as a SLO County Board member.

We don’t have to accept Adam Hill. Contact the Justice Department and have Attorney Jefferson Beauregard Sessions investigate Adam Hill and his dealings with people like Gary Grossman and John Belsher.