Man killed in Paso Robles crash

January 29, 2017

CHP@A 55-year-old man was killed Saturday afternoon when his car crashed on Highway 101 in Paso Robles and then burst into flames, according to the CHP.

Shortly after 1 p.m., the man was driving a Shelby Mustang southbound near the Highway 46 exit when his car veered off the road, went down an embankment, rolled several times and burst into flames. Witnesses tried to rescue the man from his vehicle, but were unsuccessful.

CHP officials are not releasing the man’s name pending notification of his next of kin.

Officers do not believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the deadly crash. An investigation is ongoing.

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Inside of an upper class dirt track race car we have an extinguisher system with nozzles in key places , a driver just takes in a deep breath hits the button tries to get out of the burning racecar. Rollcages in street vehicles would save many many lives but add weight so manufactures dont install them as fuel milage might suffer a 1/4 mile per gallon of gas . maybe trump will lighten up on CAFE standards so manufactures could make vehicles safer , instead of using inferior light weight safety parts .

I do not know how the CHP could so quickly determine that alcohol played no role in the crash. I suspect that the vehicle was a kit car copy of a Shelby Cobra and not an genuine original vehicle. Many of those kits place large engines on a cheap chassis to produce a car that is really very poor handling. RIP

Shelby Mustang

The high performance versions of late model Mustangs are called Shelby Mustangs. Ford has been selling them for years. It is highly likely the victim was driving a new, late model car and not an early model vintage Shelby Mustang. Certainly not kit car that you describe, as those are not mustangs (as stated in the article) but replica’s of the AC Cobra.

I think the Dept of Trans should mandate all cars be equipped with small fire extinguishers. The same ones that are on every jet ski and boat. Of course not big enough to put out a forest fire but a few people stopping to help armed with a small one might just put out a car fire.

Just like you have a spare tire and jack, your fire extinguisher can be right there ready in an emergency

Don’t understand the down votes. I think this is a great idea!