How much did Cal Poly pay to police Yiannopoulos event?

February 3, 2017

Milo protest

Cal Poly and the California State University system spent a combined $55,400 on security measures, including staffing 109 officers, for Milo Yiannopoulos’s stop in San Luis Obispo. The event took place without any violence, prompting some people to commend the university for keeping the peace and others to criticize Cal Poly for excessive policing. [KSBY]

On Tuesday evening, Cal Poly’s University Police Department deployed 19 officers on campus. UPD spent a total of $15,800 on policing Yiannopoulos’s speech and the simultaneous protests. About 100 protesters demonstrated outside the event.

A total of 90 officers from other agencies assisted Cal Poly police Tuesday evening. The participating agencies included local law enforcement and police from other CSU campuses.

The San Luis Obispo Police Department sent a total of 16 officers, including SWAT personnel, to the Yiannopoulos event. The California Highway Patrol sent four officers.

Expenses accrued by local law enforcement agencies did not factor into the $55,400 price tag due to existing mutual aid deals.

The CSU system covered the base pay for officers who came from other campuses to police the event at Cal Poly. That cost the state university system an estimated $39,600. Cal Poly’s UPD paid for the lodging and meals for the officers from other CSU campuses.

Cal Poly officials said they decided on instituting extra security measures due to protests and violence that had occurred on other campuses during Yiannopoulos’ tour. Also, social media posts and other information indicated protesters would try to shut down the Cal Poly event.

The following night, a riot broke out on the University of California Berkeley campus, resulting in Yiannopoulos’s speech being canceled. The riot also resulted in several injuries and damage to the university campus.

Both University of California Berkeley and its police were accused of not doing enough to prevent the riot. Some people have blamed Yiannopoulos for the violence, accusing him of incitement.


The reason SLO had no (or few) problems was because “Berkley” has a bigger news name. The imported, paid “protesters” couldn’t be expected to riot 2 nights in a row (overtime maybe?) so they were sent to Berkley. Until the authorities make an effort to find these outside agitators, and follow the trail back to the checkbook, We will have these riots. If the outsiders don’t show up we have peaceful protests like the one in SLO comprised mostly of students.

San Louie

I did see too many law enforcement officers from other campuses as the article suggests. Most seemed to come from:

CA Corrections (CMC)

SLOC Sheriff

I also saw vehicles from AGPD and SLOPD.

Reality Check

Well done Cal Poly! Better to have more police than not enough. That difference was made clear at the riots at Berkley.

I found Yiannopoulos witty, sometimes hilarious, and well informed with a deft ability to combine nonsense with serious material.

I wonder how much policing is required when a controversial Liberal comes to speak. We are all failing the First Amendment when speakers on all topics are not fully, and respectfully supported by both sides of the issue.


Before the cost of enforcement came to Public attention, I was surprised with the amount and type(especially Swat) of Police presence. There were almost as many Police Officers as protesters!!!

But then after reading about the debacle in Berkeley, I would have to say, money well spent:)

Yes the Governments cost of protecting the rights of it’s citizenry can be expensive, these rights are the the cannons of our society!!!


If the hateful, intolerant, bigoted liberals wouldn’t riot, assault, and vandalize in their attempts to quiet those whose opinions differ from their own, the security force wouldn’t be needed. Interesting that when liberals speak on campus, extra security isn’t needed because conservatives accept those with differing opinions.

Jorge Estrada

Does anybody care how much we paid to have a full complement of law enforcement, including a our SWAT team for the weekend downtown Women March? Yes free speech comes with a cost. I hope there is money left over for the SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN rally. A mission to bring about change to the heckling media. It was once said that the progressive media has lower medical costs because doctors like to work on them. They only have two parts, a head and ass. For them they can be switched with no detectable changes in speech.


Nope…Haven’t bothered to think about the cost of the women’s march in a democratic republic. Not one bit. Sorry.

I personally can’t wait to see the Shut up and Sit down rally. It will give me a chance to put a face on so many who post here… and the outfits–to die for.

The media may take your picture though, so beware.


Well said, Jorge, although no one was charged for the Women’s March as the City (including the Police Chief and City Manager were co-chair and key speakers) supported this March. It was not only the police that cost the City of SLO as barricades had to be put down and picked up, trash containers placed, cleaned and picked up, traffic assistance, park clean up, etc. was paid to City General employees at about $50 an hour paid to the employees (did not including payroll taxes), But, it was for free speech and everyone should be allowed this right!


Well I guess we now have an idea what the cost of FREE SPEECH is?


“Some people have blamed Yiannopoulos for the violence, accusing him of incitement.”

Sounds like a wife-beater excuse: [She made me hit her!]


To your analogy’s point….I guess Yiannopoulos and the Administration….just didn’t listen.

Queue the outrage….:-)


President Armstrong made the right call on making sure the safety of the people who wanted to attend the event was preserved and that the idiotic whiney little turds who wanted to stamp out “free speech” (only IF it’s for their side) were also protected. So, maybe they can take from some of the funds that they reserve for the “therapy” or “counseling” or other “coddling” that Cal Poly would have to use in 4 years when Trump gets re-elected and the babies need their blanket and “suckie” again and use it to pay THIS expense that the leftist “Free Speech Haters” caused. OR, how about he take the money that Cal Poly is going to use for the “Undocumented Students’ Center” —- (WHAAAAAAT? Why in the heck would they even be providing this, Cal Poly — I don’t want my tax dollars spent that way and I hope Trump cleans the swamp of “gunk” like this too) and pay for the $55,000+.