Woman snags rings off floor in Target, later confesses

February 3, 2017

Nearly two months after losing precious family rings in the Paso Robles Target store, a woman got her heirlooms back from the person who walked away with them.

On Dec. 7, a woman reported to police that she accidentally dropped a small bag of family rings while shopping at the Target store located at 2305 Theatre Drive. The rings belonged to relatives and are very sentimental to the woman.

After realizing she lost the rings, the woman reported the situation to Target’s loss prevention staff. Target workers reviewed surveillance footage, which revealed that another woman picked up the bag of rings and quickly walked out the store.

Paso Robles police searched for the rings but did not find them. Officers also failed to determine the suspect’s identity. The police department then turned to the public for help.

Earlier this week, the police department issued a news release containing a still shot of the suspect walking out the door at Target. After media outlets circulated the image, the suspect came forward to police.

The suspect admitted to finding the rings at Target, and she apologized for not turning them over sooner. The owner of the rings said she is grateful the jewelry was returned, and she opted not to seek criminal charges.

Police did not release the identity of the woman who walked away with the rings. The police department thanks the public for assisting with the case.

Black Copter Pilot

It had a good ending, sometimes it takes awhile to do the right thing

Russ J

“opted not to seek criminal charges” ? What is criminal about finding a bag of jewels on the floor? I think if any one should be charged, it would be the ding-a-ling that didn’t protect her “oh – so sentimental” property. She should be fined for wasting everyone’s time, including me, for writing dumb-ass comments.


By the way folks;

Double check your receipt after buying purchases at Target. I have caught Target overcharging me 9 times so far. The prices at the checkout are higher then prices posted at the merchandise. I also return and make them pay back the difference. Just watch out for fraud at Target in San Luis Obispo.


Many people don’t know that Target has a top-rated forensic services laboratory and takes shoplifting very seriously: https://redditblog.com/2016/01/13/what-happened-when-i-stole-from-target-a-former-shoplifter-tells-his-story/


I grabbed something @ Target in Paso Robles when several of the same item tumbled off the shelf. I managed to catch every one of them in my arms before they hit the floor and then replaced them. A proud moment and no witness in sight! Oh well.

Seconds later I walked over to the freezers just as a floor employee entered the shopping area thru a door from the ’employees only” area. She remarked, “Nice catch!”. I asked, “You saw that? How?”

She told me that they have monitors in the back and that employees are encouraged to stop and watch for a moment as they pass by.

So surveillance is an ‘associate’ effort. I don’t have a problem with that, especially at a store where Target is their name.

But yea, I don’t see see more than a crime of conscience here. Whether it was publicity or inner pangs, I imagine everyone feels good about it now.


There are feel good stories all over. I think what I meant to say was that the time spent on this article could have been better spent covering crime in the area that still needs to be solved.


Your logic is ridiculous … This is a story of interest and the fact that the police reached out to media, helped a lady get her family heirlooms back.

Maybe ccmom does not “feel good” but a lot of other people, including me,do. Maybe you are the person who misappropriated the jewelry or are related to the person who did and simply want this to go away. If so, your motive is obvious. If you did the right thing from the beginning this would have never mushroomed to embarrass you.

A big shout out to the loss prevention people at Target who took it upon themselves to do an investigation to help someone recover their lost property. You deserve a pat on the back for sure.


Let me guess…in your world no good deed should go unpunished?


She only did the right thing after the surveillance footage of her was released. The right thing would have been to turn the bag immediately over to the Target personnel.


She has a conscience. In an age of perpetual sociopathy–I consider that amazing.


I don’t know ‘drain…

It appears her conscious was evoked only after becoming a “film star” and in the public’s eye…


With all the actual crime out there this is hardly news. It’s nice she did the right thing in the end, but how is this newsworthy?


Its newsworthy because in this day and age, someone doing the right thing is rarely, if ever, reported on by the news media.