Atascadero man convicted of assault

March 25, 2017

Derrick Moore

A man accused of attacking a 20-year-old woman at her San Luis Obispo apartment in 2015 was convicted Friday as part of a plea agreement.

Derrick Robert Moore, 26, pleaded no contest to first-degree burglary causing great bodily injury and assault with intent to commit a sexual assault. As part of the plea agreement, charges of attempted murder, stalking and assault with a stun gun were dismissed.

Moore faces 38 years to life in prison under California’s three strikes law. Moore has two prior convictions for a 2009 burglary and attempted burglary.

On Sept, 11, 2015, Moore confronted the woman as she was leaving her apartment near Cal Poly. Moore tried to attack the woman with a stun gun, then repeatedly punched her and strangled her.

The victim reportedly fought off Moore by using a small knife on her key chain to jab at his right side. The woman’s roommate witnessed the attack and called 911.

A sentencing date will be set on Monday.

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Oops empathy!! She lacks empathy!! Sorry, I was writing too fast,…

I am just beside myself with that video and his mother! I can not believe she would actually think she had a case. All I could think of is the Poor Mom of the girl that passed! ZERO impathy or sense of responsibility? Just crazy!!

Ms Wendy was incredibly clueless. And now she has lost her son. Too isolated on that property? What kind of weirdness went on out there that Derrick thought it ok to tazer, punch and rape women?

But I also agree, SHAMEFULL I dont care what kind of “Deal” it is, How in the world does the DA Dismiss Stalking, attempt murder, strangling and punching? And attempted burglary sticks? Is that some kind of joke? IS that going to stick 10 years from now when he is trying to get out of prison?

I’m sure Ms. Wendy is planning her lawsuit now, against the girl her son was trying to rape!

Hmm, an eye witness and DNA evidence…and still took a year and a half to convict him? We need to speed things up a bit. Of course with the new sentencing guidelines and the time off for any anger management classes he take in prison we might see him back in less than that.

He’ll have a life sentence to deal with, that means he’ll have to do a minimum of half of the 25 years to get to the board before he’s even considered for parole. That means 12 1/2 years and even then he’s not guaranteed a release date.

A life sentence is wholly different then any other sentence handed down by the California courts, as it’s still an indeterminate sentence with a life top. There is no specified time off for “anger management classes” and the like, rather things like that are only considerations for parole as they go to prove the convicts attempt to rehabilitate or not.

No, we don’t need to speed the justice system up one f***in’ bit! What we need to do is stop arresting people for drug use and petty possession charges (over a million of those arrests last year alone)! That would free up our court systems to address real criminals in a more timely manner.

Chris R. Thank you for sharing the Judge Judy video. What an insight into this guys path to being a career criminal. Judge Judy nailed the evaluation of mommy dearest being an extreme enabler, cultivating a mentally toxic habitual criminal. That being painfully obvious, we now have another inept plea deal on a three strikes case that became law to keep repeat offenders in prison. A prosecutor who wants to protect their “win” stats in complete disregard of public safety should not have a job. This case is a prime example of an inefficient DA who has consistently proven unwillingness to fight for our community. Derrick Moore clearly tried to murder this woman after spending his entire life getting away with crime. Each step of the way his crimes have escalated but yet again he is given opportunity to return and offend again. Not sure who the bigger enabler is, the mother or the prosecution. Absolutely Appaling.

“Boy, you got a purty mouth”.

Kid was on judge judy in 2005

Jeez. Can see where it all started now

Have to wonder if his mother is still making excuses…

In hindsight, an interesting video. The whole “leaving the keys in the car” premise is questionable. I would say more figurative about child-raising than literal about where car keys, or anything else, are in your family’s home. My parents did not “leave their keys in the car”, they left them on a little decorative board with hooks for keys. What’s the point?

Even without a PCL-R, this guy appears that he could be a real danger to society. Most sociopaths never come in contact with police nor do they end up being arrested. But when you read the physical damage this man did–it adds up.

Yea, he looks like a lot of NFL, NHL, MLB players or WWA and MMA fighters.

Looks don’t mean shit! Just ask the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and the tons of “normal” looking killers out there…

If looks were the defining factor of what someone “will” do then Adam Hill should be serving a couple of life sentences!!! Put his picture up next to this guy and look for the comparisons…

Can anyone tell me why this case has dragged on so long. The courts are so inefficient, or maybe they are having too many coffee breaks.

Somewhere I read that cases are supposed to clear within 90 days. Are these people just ignoring the rules?

18 months isn’t very long at all in the judicial world, especially with multiple charges that can lead to a life sentence.

60 days is the time constraint for a “speedy trial’ in California for felonies (I believe that is from the date of arraignment in Superior Court) and in a case like this that’s not reasonable enough for either the prosecution or the defense to put forth a case.

Can you imagine if no one “waived time” (waiving your right to a speedy trial) and instead demanded a trail at or before those 60 days? The court system wouldn’t be able to get most of those case in front of a judge and would be bound by law to dismiss. You don’t want that; wait and you’ll see “deals” like this that will most probably put this guy and others like him with similar charges and “strikes” away for life.

The fact that the judicial system moves so painfully slow, is in, and of itself cruel and unusual for the victim of any crime.In addition, Lady Justice is far from blind as we are led to believe.

It is slow and especially to the victims and their families. The alternative would probably turn out to be more painful; If the courts were to speed up it would risk having a ton of cases returned on appeal making the victims and their families relive their pain over again. Take the time you need at first and the likelihood of having to do it all over again is less likely.

And the one thing that will piss all of you off? The defendant has a right to a fair trial as well and speeding that process up can only lead to more people being wrongly convicted, something that any American wouldn’t want done, right?

Dropping charges distorts the crime statistics and provides the public with a false impression of the violent crime rate. This is happening all over the state and then politicians tell us that the violent crime rates have dropped. It will cost us millions of dollars to keep this animal penned up.

To some degree you’re right but there is another reason as well…

Prosecutors are judged on their conviction rate and none of them want to take a chance of an acquittal so they “deal”. They’ll deal away “weak” charges to insure their conviction rate isn’t negatively effected while putting someone like this away. A plea entered is generally exempt from appeal which in turn saves the tax payer lots of money in the long run.

Keep this in mind also; most of what I’ve read crime stats’ are based on arrests and not convictions…