Adam Hill strikes again, claims detractor is homosexual

April 22, 2017

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


By now, CCN readers must know that I’m not an Adam Hill fan. My previous opinion pieces as published in CCN are ample testimony to this fact.

Hence, as a recent Facebook subscriber, I was surprised to receive a request from Adam Hill earlier this week asking me to “friend” him on Facebook. Out of curiosity, I accepted his request.

Then he sent me this message:

“Hi T. Keith, I hope you can take that Daddy Warbucks frown and turn it upside down. While I appreciate your homo-erotic obsession with me, I’m just not into you. But I’m sure we can be good friends if you can keep it platonic. Ok? I send you best wishes.”

Adam, dream on! You requested to “friend” me, not the other way around. And then you send me this little gem?

Adam, you’re a real piece of work. Rather than respond to you on Facebook in a posting few would see, I want people to see you for who you really are: an arrogant, delusional public official with a very twisted mind.

How people could elect such a nasty person like you to public office is beyond me. Yet there you are, ensconced in power, prodding the so-called “Progressives,” and spreading your mirth wherever you go.

Meanwhile, quit giving me excuses to continue writing about you. I’m getting writer’s cramp.


I won’t admonish Adam. He is just a New Jersey homophobe, who, like the TV housewives of his state, has a faulty mental toggle that rarely switches to inside voice. He is so not SLO. He is just a Jersey squawk, ranting with no harmony. He’s been thrown from the corner stoop because he’s the big boy who does cry.


I beg to differ as he is 100% SLO. A political ass hack as unprofessional and crooked as they come. A perfect fit indeed, if it was not the case he would not be in power as I write this.


Call me shallow, but who could vote for such an ugly looking toad? His face hurts my feelings….


I thought Aaron was his bud…not a distractor.


I didn’t vote for this imbecile. The voters get what they deserve. It’s not like his childish behavior was a secret.

The Identarian

In a county full of cowboys and cowgirls, who votes for this guy?


Agreed, – The Identarian – who IS VOTING for this crazy power hungry bully anyway?? Quite scary when we really think about it and VERY sad that we can’t get better people to run for office. How in the world could an official be so dumb and brash in asking to friend someone on Facebook and the to stoop so low/sleezy as to what he said – PUT IT IN PRINT for gosh sake? Wow, he never ceases to amaze me how “icky” he is.


Gee, I wonder what his type is?

I turns my stomach to read such an unprofessional post by an elected official. I feel he should be investigated. He scares me.


Classic narcissist or substance use disorder is my bet.


Wait a minute….back up the psychiatric paddy wagon. He didn’t strike again…he merely struck OUT again.

Rich in MB

Love is Love right….


That picture of Little Napoleon says it all!!


What next?