SLO County to fight back against illegal pot grows

May 25, 2017

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 Tuesday to file lawsuits against marijuana growers operating in the California Valley who allegedly violated a county urgency ordinance. The ordinance forbids marijuana grows that had not been established on or before Aug. 23, 2016.

On Tuesday, the supervisors voted to authorize the county to file litigation against five individuals and businesses who have violated the urgency ordinance. County Counsel Rita Neal then disclosed the board’s decision.

“The first five actions will be filed this week in superior court and will focus on cultivation in the California Valley,” Neal said.

SLO County is seeking temporary and permanent restraining orders on the growers accused of breaking marijuana rules. County officials allege those growers are creating a public nuisance and using unfair business practices.

During its closed session hearing, the board also authorized litigation against other growers found to be in violation of the urgency ordinance.

“But that litigation will not only focus on the Cal Valley but other areas of the county as well,” Neal said.


Parkinson’s Panga Patrol has been idle as of lately. Let’s get our money’s worth out of Parkinson’s super-boat by retrofitting it with wheels and going after these desperados.


Some of us, very few, saw this coming years ago. The sad old weed warriors are now reduced to civil litigation. From DEA raids, to local PD para military ambushes to…..suing in civil court. They NEVER would have believed it, many probably still don’t. And it won’t stop here, the next being merely state regulatory violations.

There has only ever been one question: do we imprison millions of our own for a substance a thousand times safer than booze, or do we not?

Our 60 year national ignorance, self destruction and shame is coming to an end.


They’re using up the ground water, illegally.


The practice of over taxing and over regulating the marijuana industry assures non compliance and a thriving black market. It makes no sense to over tax marijuana and to use that money just to go after the non compliant growers. It’s only another carnation of the failed war on pot. Treat it like the wine industry and everybody wins. Come on you less government people, put your money where your mouth is and support the marijuana industry in fighting the bureaucracy.


Haaaa. While you have a point, I still remember the legalization mantra that the hippies used…”Hey man, just legalize it and tax the sh** out of it, we’ll all win!”


Really, this is what the board considers important? How about addressing the roads, the weakening education system, unfunded pension obligations or any of a hundred issues that the people want fixed. We the people need to be more vocal about what these representatives should be doing with the county resources.

Ben Daho

WE THE PEOPLE need to explain to the Board of supervisors that WE THE PEOPLE have HAD ENOUGH! How the fuck it turned into the REPRESENTATIVES telling us what we can do is beyond me. They are supposed to represent us, NOT dictate!

We voted FOR Marijuana and these clowns now start the bullshit of parsing, spliting, charging, mandating etc.



So with pot the laws do not matter, put up illegal fences, use illegal fertilizers and don’t pay taxes and it is ok because we like pot. I like strawberries, but the growers have to follow laws.

Yes, pot is legal and it will be regulated like other crops. But no, that does not mean all other laws are mute. Wow!


FYI, the correct word is moot not mute…


Only the unjust laws.


What did you dopers thing was gonna happen? What isnt regulated and taxed up the arse. This “we the people” smoked enough dope to comatose a heard of elephants in his day, and I see a train wreck of brain deadedness on the horizon. Mark my words, this will not end well. If there is that many people who need “medical” janga perhaps they need to see a real doctor to fix the illness, not smoke pot.

Jorge Estrada

If found guilty my vote would be that all taxpayer funded costs are leaned against the property. This will cause the accused to hire their own lawyer just like everyone else. Although this will possibly have dangerous consequences, as in all other county enforcement issues too, it this will be a real test and not just a waste of public money. I’d rather see our tax dollars spent on infrastructure maintenance and or improvements.


They ought to do like other countries. Go in and burn the illegal crop. Or do like they do with the homeless, which I do not agree with, take all of their belongings in the illegal camps and destroy them.

Looks like selective enforcement. They probably do not want to go to these extremes but are looking for the fines and then the fees and taxes that they will be able to charge them after they become legal. Although the county’s legal billing will negate anything profitable and it will be back to our pocket books the finance their incompetency.


“unfair business practices.” – you mean like government controlling who can and cannot sell in a market?


Come one.

Stop wasting our taxpayer money fighting pot. You lost this battle, you lost this war.

It’s now not only medical legal, it’s also recreational legal.

Find something more constructive to do with my money.