Cambria board seeking health care benefits

September 26, 2017

Acting on a proposal made by two of its own, the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors may award itself health insurance plans. [Cal Coast Times]

The plans would come at an estimated cost to the district of between $35,000 to $93,000 annually. The fluctuation in the cost is largely due to the CSD directors weighing whether to just award themselves health insurance or whether to give themselves health insurance policies for two people or even family plans.

If the board were to vote for individual plans, it would cost the district an estimated $35,394 a year. Two-person plans would cost the district an estimated $70,989 a year, and family plans would cost an estimated $92,682 annually.

The estimated annual costs to the individual board members would be $1,253, $2,505 and $3,271 respectively. Currently, the district employs a policy of paying 85 percent of the cost of its staffers’ health premiums, and district staff recommends doing the same for board members.

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George Bailey


Work harder, these government-types need your handouts.


See what happens when you enact TrumpCare? People have to get insurance someplace.

Jorge Estrada

Maybe they can get the same health plan as Congress if the water rates are raised just-a-little? As for their customer, just drink this!


Congress has ObamaCare.


Shame on them! And shame on us if we let them get away with this!. Amanda Rice, President of the Board of Directors, and Harry Farmer were the two directors who voted against the purchase of the old Cambria library to provide the manager and staff of the CSD with new offices. The cost to purchase and remodel the moldy building will cost ratepayers AT LEAST $1,000,000 dollars. Ms. Rice argued that Cambria did not have the money for the purchase. Now, a few short weeks later, just before a divided vote to replace former director Thompson who recently resigned from the board, Ms. Rice and Greg Sanders, another director who is resigning on October 31, are proposing that ratepayers pay for their health insurance? Anything stink here? Quid pro quo anyone?


I think they need car and housing allowances as well. Maybe subsidized travel for their vacations.

Politicians divide their constituents int right vs left ideologies so people don’t figure out who the true enemy is. Maybe someday the people will wise up.


There they go, spending all of that “free money” that we all work very hard for, mostly without any benefits equal to this.

Just another criminal act in SLO County.


Who came up with these estimates? CCSD BoD? Regardless who came up with the figures, You can bet that they will be double that.Anyone that approves of this is a fool and deserves to be taken advantage of, and the increased service fees that will follow.


Sure, go all in. Why not? There’s plenty of free money to go around.

Rich in MB

Sure why now.

Californian’s are drowning under Obamacare so the Government employees naturally need to be taken care to attract the best and brightest…..ha ha ah


And under TrumpCare?