Marijuana billboards on Highway 101 banned, media fact check

October 8, 2017

A recent Tribune editorial claims that state legislators are currently considering a ban on marijuana billboards on state highways; and if passed, the pot billboards on Highway 101 would need to come down. Contrary to the Tribune’s reporting, state law already bans advertising marijuana on Highway 101. [Cal Coast Times]

Following the 2016 passage of Prop 64, which bans marijuana ads by licensed marijuana businesses on billboards located on California interstate highways or state highways that cross the border of any other state, billboard owner Cliff Branch informed Diamond Cannabis Direct that the billboards will violate the law as of Jan. 2018. The cannabis billboards are slated to be removed before 2018 before Diamond Cannabis Direct becomes licensed, Branch said.

The Tribune editorial references a 2016 Sacramento Bee article that is not only outdated, but does not pertain to billboards on interstate highways. The article relates to the impact of Assembly Bill 64 on marijuana billboard advertising on non-interstate highways.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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The huge casino billboards can stay.

The huge Winery billboards can stay.

And the huge BudLight billboards can stay.

All of which can ruin your life and essentially kill you.

Pot billboards? Oh hell no can’t have any of that.

How does that work out?

The State permits the bill boards, the State gets Federal Highway Safety monies and Pot is the only one on your list that is Federally illegal and not to be supported by Federal dollars. Social Security monies will likely dry up too for cases that are to fund the use of Pot.

Once again…. the “damn the facts” Tribune goes with its own political narrative and doesn’t even bother to perform the basic tenants of journalism… that’s why no one reads it anymore.

Yes Marijuana is outlawed by the Feds and the Feds fund these discussed highways so guess what, when the Feds find out California will not have to depend on their money anymore. Now California can become a Self-Help State, just like California has promoted Self-Help Counties and Cities. When you really think about, Self-Help has been a endangered strength that we in California have resurrected by the stroke of a vote. Today we are evolving back into a culture of strength and generous taxpayers. Poof (or should I say exhale), right before your own eyes!

Jorge, you have definitely taken one puff too many! California gets back all the money it sends to the Fed Government and MORE including what goes to all the Counties and Cities! Check it out. But I will go along with your, California should send NOTHING to the Fed Government and in turn, they should not get one penny from the Fed Government, No medi-cal, no education funding, no food stamps, no Obamacare subsidies, no highway funding, no military funding, no police grants, no FEMA, etc.

Where is this Self Help funding coming from? State Budget, unbalanced, CalPers Pension unfunded by billions, infrastructure decaying, taxes overburdening the working class, etc.

Keep smoking, it makes everything in fairyland look real!