Adam Hill sends homophobic email to critic

November 9, 2017

Supervisor Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Hill sent a bizarre email Friday afternoon suggesting a local critic’s marriage is a sham and that the critic is attracted to Hill. As a county supervisor, Hill was passed over in January for chairman of the board of supervisors because of his frequent outbursts and strange rants. [Cal Coast Times]

Over the past few days, Hill has written several Facebook posts claiming San Luis Obispo resident Keith Gurnee has a homosexual interest in him. In response to a Cal Coast Times article about Hill’s earlier allegations, Hill sent Gurnee an email from his official county email account suggesting Gurnee is secretly homosexual.

In the past, Hill has apologized multiple times for attacking people who question or disagree with him. After public scrutiny, Hill often refers to his posts and emails as satire and jokes. Even so, some members of the community have voiced their concerns.

“Sordid, unprofessional, uncalled for, maybe there should be a grand jury inquiry into the performance/conduct of BOS!,” Lynne Newhouse responded to Hill’s rant on Facebook.

Hill’s Friday afternoon email to Keith Gurnee:

“T. Bone, you little minx. It’s 2017! Everything is fluid now, no longer will your patriarchal controls be accepted by most humans! Lighten up, you’re no doubt attractive and even intelligible (not necessarily intelligent) to some—especially trolls with the same ugly old-fashioned impulses as you ! Why must you obsess over one human (me) who doesn’t dig your prescriptions?

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

JB Bronson

I agree with the comments posted so far and have to ask, “Where is Dee in all of this?”


Was told she was seen at Tom’s Toy’s using soon to expire gift cards, Christmas is just around the corner.


She was probably his beard! That was a sham.


Time to get rid of the buffoon.

Jorge Estrada

One shouldn’t drink and post on Facebook or possibly have an issue with sleep-posting? Whatever the case may be, when you have the last word on the bench, just before voting at the B of S meetings, that is what I will pay attention to.


I actually grew up with Tom’s little sister!

T, Gurnee is an intelligent, trustworthy and respectable Man, a far far cry from what we can call A. Hill.


Nice picture of Hill. How old is that? This guy’s sick. Why don’t the gays bash him back? Why doesn’t Gary Grossman take him to the woodshed? This is so demeaning to everyone. He needs a good muzzle. Hey Carlyn, you up for that?


I’ve known Keith Gurnee and his family since he was a student at Cal Poly and a San Luis Obispo City Councilman since the 70’s and this article by Adam Hill is absolutely disgusting on so many levels. It is despicable to think that our local politicians have gotten so low and this we have a member of the BOS that is so crude and vulgar using a County computer in calling a member of this community out. Certainly, the BOS can do something like sanction this person’s behavior, contacts. etc. People talk about President Trump and his twittering, how is this different? Please, someone take control of this disgusting person or mandate he seek professional help. This is not acceptable and would never be tolerated by a County employee. This is bullying!


Who is Adam Hill???


A. Hill seems to be an A. Hole.