FPPC finds Grover Beach councilman violated campaign disclosure laws

November 1, 2017

Councilman Jeff Lee

California’s political watchdog sent a warning to Grover Beach Councilman Jeff Lee on Oct. 13, because he failed to end his 2016 campaign with a zero balance and then transferred more than $3,000 to another account. [Cal Coast Times]

The Fair Political Practices Commission found that Lee’s campaign failed to report a transfer of $3,398.29 from a 2016 committee to a 2020 committee. In addition, the bank balance disclosed was insufficient to cover expenses.

California law requires candidates to report transfers of funds and to have no remaining money in an account before canceling a committee.

The FPPC verified the violations, which were first reported by local government watchdog Kevin Rice, according to case documents. The agency, which sent a warning letter, said they decided not to levy a fine because it was Lee’s first violation and he had taken action to correct the issues.

“However, the Enforcement Division has decided to close this case with this warning letter rather than a fine because you filed amendments to the erroneous campaign statements immediately after contact and you have no prior history of violating the Act,” the FPPC says in the warning letter.

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George Bailey

Question: How do you know when a politician is lying?

Answer: When their lips move.


To be honest, my faith in the political party & police force has completely diminished. How can they even think they can be trusted with any matter. Corruption is their way, with as little as a slap on wrist. Just my opinion.


I simply don’t believe a politician stole money.

‘It ain’t wrong if you don’t get caught’


John Shoals has been under investigation by the FPPC for over a year now. Scary to think these guys can’t manage their own money and they’re trusted to manage yours.


Not too mention Shoals’ blind eye to $800,000 missing at the sanitation district since Amy Simpson was put on leave in March.