Grover Beach woman deported to Mexico

January 5, 2018

A Grover Beach mother whom liberal activists and politicians rallied to save from deportation was sent to Mexico on Thursday. [Cal Coast Times]

Neofita Valerio-Silva, 47, came to the United States illegally 25 years ago. Valerio-Silva is a mother of three children, one of whom is a minor, as well as a Grover Beach homeowner. She had recently been working recently as a maid at a local hotel.

On Wednesday, the Santa Maria Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office denied Valerio-Silva’s request for a stay of her deportation. Authorities then transported Valerio-Silva to the Adelanto Processing Center in Victorville. On Thursday afternoon, she was taken to Tijuana, Mexico.

All of Valerio-Silva’s children were born in the United States. The oldest of her three children, 23-year-old Susan Bernal, is a medical assistant who currently lives in San Diego. Valerio-Silva’s 18-year-old son is a college student, and her 16-year-old daughter is a cheerleader at Arroyo Grande High School.

Valerio-Silva also has a husband, who lives in Mexico in the Acapulco area. Her mother, too, is in Mexico.


Exactly how does a single parent of 3 (husband lives in Mexico) who works as a maid, afford to buy a home on the central coast, even 20 years ago. These sympathetic stories need to tell the entire story. Was daddy deported for drugs or crimes? How did he father the children from Mexico? Why was she involved with ICE? Was she arrested by local police? So many holes.


I bought a home on the Central Coast 20 years ago. At the time you had to have a minimum 6% downpayment with a FHA loan. A starter home (a condo or a 2br SFR) was about 125-130k. That means a down payment of about $7,600. I was working as a nurse then. I can tell you that during that time period, I was working 16 hour days, 6 days a week, to afford that down payment. Back then, lenders would scrutinize every little thing on a credit report. I had ONE late payment on a credit card, and to get that funding I had to explain why I made it late. That was one of the hardest things I ever achieved. I couldn’t do it now, homes cost too much. Sad.

I read comments from those who say anyone NOT supporting this woman is a racist bigot. I honestly don’t understand this. I don’t care what color she is or where she is from. Chinese, Russian, Canadian-illegal is illegal. Here is what I know:

1. She is not in our county legally.

2. She has lived in our country ILLEGALLY for many years.

3. She gave birth to 3 children on US soil, allegedly while the baby daddy/hubby resides in Mexico.

4. She has been able to purchase a home in one of the most expensive states in the US, apparently working as a maid and a single parent.

I read stories like hers and I think about my own life. It was so hard to be able to buy a home. They asked for EVERYTHING. Social security number, tax records, proof of income, multiple credit reports, proof that I had gainful employment. Anyone out there who owns a home knows what this is like.

I think that when a special interest story like hers is released, that some tough questions need to be asked in addition to garnering sympathy. Asking the tough questions doesn’t make a person a bigot, or racist. I think people asking questions is NORMAL.


I am just curious how a 47 year old illegal immigrant working at a hotel affords a house in Grover Beach. Also, how does an illegal obtain funding and financing for the home?


Couldn’t her 25-year old daughter have petitioned for her when the daughter turned 18? They had 5 years to settle the mother’s immigration status.


Try being an Illegal “immigrant” in Mexico. See how long that lasts


I consider myself a far left liberal but that does not mean that people who break the law get a free pass. This lady knew when she came to this country illegally that she might one day be deported. Well that day came. This one is all on her.


Cracks me up when people say “Oh you can’t send her back, she will be separated from her children”. This is EXACTLY the same as saying “Oh don’t send him/her to jail, they have children”. ALL people should consider the consequences before the choose to commit a crime.


When you say she lacked planning you assume that she had a pathway to legal immigration once she arrived.

Once here illegally-always here illegally–is how the system works.

Fault aside: her 3 citizen children will now have unnecessary hardship due to an inefficient act of government.

If the 16 year old goes into foster care as a result of the deportation the taxpayers will be on the hook for $1000’s per month. Or other added expenses for the minor children from our social safety net.

Personally I’d rather offer a path to legal status to a tax paying homeowner who is raising 3 engaged children, than deport her at great taxpayer expense.

She may be back in 60 days as you say…..If you want to combat illegal immigration jail the employers. No money means no migration.


MrYan… We are and have been paying for these kids from they were born. This woman is illegal (CRIME), used an illegal social security number for a job and purchase of a home (CRIME) and who do you think paid for the births of 3 kids, food, housing, healthcare, education all as a result of being illegal, all a crime. There are at least 13 million illegals in this Country and then you add the chain migratation and is it any wonder our Country is in the sewer as taxpayers support and raise their children. She has been receiving these benefits for at least 23 years (age of the oldest) and still getting them.


The system does not work that way. Years ago when I was in the construction business one of my sub-contractors had a gentleman from Guatemala working for him. 8 tries to get into the US. I hired him on weekends to help me out around my place. He wanted to become a US citizen but you can’t believe what someone has to go thru to achieve this. Long story short with a little help and alot of work he did become a citizen, a homeowner and a contributing citizen to the community. I will never forget when he came to the house with his American flag and citizenship papers. He was proud and so was I. This is how it’s suppose to work.


I took my grandparents 12 years, and my grandfather going back and forth 4 times, before he, my grandmother and 3 children were granted citizenship. It is not easy, it is a process because everyone wants to come to America but these people who think they have a “right” to jump the border, lie, cheat, steal, and do anything it takes to come to this Country are wrong. They use the system with visas, green cards, etc and then hid in the shadows and then cry like babies. Give me a break!


There is a path, go back to the end of the long line and apply like the legal immigrants do.


The woman’s story doesn’t make sense to me. There are too many specific details that don’t add up. I won’t get in to too much detail, otherwise my comments get deleted.


Sad story for sure but, when she jumped the border 25 years ago she didn’t consider that they might catch her. Now her lack of planning (she hasn’t attempted to become a citizen in 25 years) has damaged her children and it’s somehow going to be our fault. My money is on her being back cleaning rooms within 60 days.


Awesome, bringing families back together, she joins her husband and mother where she belongs.