Two men murdered at California Valley marijuana grow site

January 29, 2018

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies are investigating the shooting deaths of two men whose bodies were found at a marijuana grow site in the California on Monday.  Deputies also discovered a gun near the bodies. [Cal Coast Times]

Edward Mendoza is the owner of the 280 plant cannabis grow and mobile home at 12625 Arrow Bear Trail, a location near Soda Lake in the Carrizo Plain.

County officials previously permitted marijuana cultivation at the site of the shooting but later imposed a ban on pot grows in the California Valley. Even so, many of the growers in the area recently planted crops in violation of the county ordinance.

California’s cannabis farmers are growing about eight times the amount of pot people in California consume, according to a report by Patrick McGreevy at the Los Angeles Times. As a result, many growers have been unable to sell their crops and some have failed to pay their farm hands. This has led to multiple physical and verbal altercations.

Dubbed “trimigrents,” marijuana farm workers travel from grow to grow picking and trimming the buds. Traditionally, the bulk of the workers pay is given to them after the work is finished.

San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s officials are investigating the shooting and have yet to disclose any information about the crime including the names of the victims.

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Adios Amigo’s.

Idiota santurrona! No tienes amigos, pendejo!

Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

Now we know what the intended consequences are. I wonder what the unintended consequences will be?

This isn’t anything new… legal or otherwise. Looks like the “Trimigrents” demanded their pay…. and got paid in bullets.

I’m confused: Do we need to scream for gun control or Marijuana prohibition?

A well reasoned person would do neither of those things based on limited information of an individual event.

Though screaming aloud may prove to be beneficial stress relieve for you Doc. So go for it I guess.

And nobody thought this wasn’t going to happen ? We’re just getting warmed up here?

Not because of the legalization but because of the regulation and the fact it’s still illegal in other states, driving up the price. This is a government created problem, as it always has been.

The users who scream and voted for legalization cause this. The fact you didn’t see this coming by doing so, or don’t care indicates the government is in fact sharper than the voters sad to say.

I guess we could then say “gun users who keep screaming about their rights are to blame for all gun deaths”, right? No? The same reasoning, just a different crowd gets a pass? How right thinking…

100% agreement, mkaney! I’m not sure if the murders are related to an issue with cannabis or not….the article doesn’t say. But government interference in the cannabis market is supposed to create criminals BY DESIGN.

Whether or not these murders have anything to do with that—-we simply do not know.

There’s more demand for tomatoes than cannabis at this point….perhaps the government could fill their prisons easier by regulating cultivation of tomatoes? This could create a class of criminals that could be exploited and profited from, in addition to cannabis growers.

Shoot, why not go for alcohol prohibition again? It’s far more deadly than cannabis and tomatoes combined. Then we could afford to build new prisons and fill them! (sarcasm liberally applied to nearly the entire post…)

Whoa now Doc! You’re libel to get some empty JD bottles thrown at you for even suggesting prohibition against the #1 drug of choice in this country, and world wide! And please, please don’t give this “prison town” any further incentive to expand CMC, it ain’t that pretty as it is.

With the legalization of cannabis the nay-saying crowd opponents will always look for a “I told ya so” moment like this, it’s inevitable. What else is inevitable is the fact that their drug of choice has all the “qualities” listed in the prohibition of schedule 1 drugs as listed by the FDA, “…a high risk of dependency and no accepted medical use.”

Crime and alcohol? Jeeeez! It’s off the charts! 37% of all rapes and sexual assaults are alcohol related. 15% of robberies. 27% of aggravated assaults and 25% of simple assaults. Here’s the kicker! Nearly half of all homicides show the perpetrator or victim, OR BOTH, have alcohol in their systems. Let’s equate those percentages to real numbers, shall we? That means 2.7 MILLION VIOLENT crimes, not including homicides, are committed each year with alcohol as a contributing factor. (yes, old data from the mid nineties but still relevant as alcohol consumption has only risen year-to-year since).

Now excuse me, I’ve got a pre-roll of some dynamite Purple Hindu Kush calling to me that I bought at my local dispensary. After that, I’ll violently attack and abuse some homemade non-cannabis brownies I made. Yum, yum!