ACLU’s annual civil rights event in SLO

March 29, 2018

Cesar Chavez

The San Luis Obispo Chapter of the ACLU is hosting its bi-annual general meeting on March 31 (this Saturday) at the San Luis Obispo Library’s Community Room located at the corner of Palm and Osos Street, an event in which the the local ACLU is inviting the community to attend. [Cal Coast Times]

In honor of Cesar Chavez, one of California’s most important civil rights leaders, the ACLU will present a round table discussion about the most pressing current civil rights issues of interest. Join the ACLU, the longest existing non-partisan organization protecting your rights under the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, in discussing important civil rights issues.

Discuss with chapter members and learn about some of the most critical Constitutional issues of the day, like:

The 2nd Amendment, personal and collective rights and responsibilities.

Freedom of speech and press, on the streets and in schools.

The San Luis Obispo County Jail and the 8th Amendment’s prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.

Religious freedom and freedom of speech.

There will be refreshments and opportunities to meet with others concerned about civil rights in your community at the Saturday, March 31 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at SLO Library Community Room at 995 Palm Street in San Luis Obispo.


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Yes, the American Crooks and lawyers Union coming to make everything OK again.


My dad always called it the American Criminal’s Liberties Union. Your acronym is good as well.


Maybe now the Alien Criminals Liberties Union would be more fitting.


The House Committee on Un-American Affairs should be reactivated.

The ACLU, CAIR, SPLC and George Soros should be investigated for subversive activities.


The ACLU is practically an “ANTI-AMERICAN” organization and has hurt the United States more than it has helped it! They are like “ambulance chasers” always just looking for a way to SUE someone to line their pockets and keep their doors open. I would NEVER support and organization that lends more support to criminals and tries to undermine many of the freedoms that should be allowed business owners and individuals. They try to talk like they “represent” people but they are really in the business to try to destroy whomever they can. Yes, I agree with Mr. Bailey, not that they — at least in my lifetime — have been great protectors — but that we should BOYCOTT this anti-American organization.

George Bailey


The ACLU, once a proud and vibrant organization, has fallen on hard times, and they have been relegated to the back burner in protecting civil rights and liberties. Sadly, the ACLU is just a shill group for the Democrat Party, and they are now just another partisan organization committed to helping the Donkey Party retain power.

If you love America, boycott support of the ACLU.