Illegal immigrant convicted of the murder of Marilyn Pharis

June 28, 2018

Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez

A Santa Maria jury convicted an illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal history Wednesday of the murder of Air Force veteran Marilyn Pharis. Victor Aureliano Martinez was also convicted of multiple enhancements and could now face life in prison without the possibility of parole. [Cal Coast Times]

In July 2015, Martinez broke into the home of Pharis, a 64-year-old veteran and Vandenberg Air Force Base employee, while she was sleeping, then beat her with a hammer and raped her. Eight days later, Pharis died in the hospital after blood clots formed in her legs.

Following a trial that lasted more than a month, jurors deliberated for nearly two days this week. On Wednesday, the jury convicted Martinez of first-degree murder, as well as enhancements of robbery, burglary, sexual penetration and use of a deadly weapon.

Jurors deadlocked 10-2 on a torture enhancement. Prosecutors then moved to dismiss the allegation.

Martinez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, had been arrested six times in the 15 months prior to the Pharis killing, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. Martinez was released from the Santa Barbara County Jail 96 hours before he attacked Pharis.

The Pharis murder was one of two cases in which an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported and recently let out of jail killed a woman with Central Coast ties. The killings of both Pharis and Cal Poly grad Kate Steinle are cases President Donald Trump has seized upon in calling for stricter immigration rules.

Unlike the Pharis case, the trial over the killing of Steinle did not end in a murder conviction. Last November, a San Francisco jury acquitted a Mexican national of murdering Steinle, a Cal Poly grad, even though the defendant admitted to shooting her.

During the Pharis murder trial, prosecutors argued Martinez beat the Santa Maria woman with a hammer and choked her multiple times. Pharis suffered a broken neck bone and severe bruising, and Martinez’s DNA was found at the scene. Martinez also admitted to police that he hit Pharis, tried to strangle her and “touched her under her underwear,” prosecutors said.

Martinez’s attorney argued the defendant did not intend to kill Pharis and that the Santa Maria woman died as a result of gross negligence by hospital staffers, who failed to catch the blood clot that formed in her leg.

Initially, Martinez stood trial with co-defendant Jose Villagomez , an accomplice who was also charged with murder. In late May, Villagomez changed his plea to guilty, and he is expected to be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Martinez’s sentencing is scheduled for July 2. Prosecutors have said they are seeking a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.


Deport grumpy George Bailey back to Grinchberg

George Bailey


The tragic case of Mrs. Marilyn Pharis being tortured and murdered highlights the deadly effects of parasite politicians turning a blind eye to the serious problem of illegal immigration.

This particular illegal alien, Victor Ramirez, had been deported several times, and was a 7 time convicted criminal in America, but local politicians SB County Supervisor Steve Lavignino and Santa Maria Mayor Alice Patino fought to keep ICE from deporting him, and he returned to commit these atrocious crimes on a US military veteran, Mrs. Pharis.

As much as anything, the blood of Mrs. Pharis is on these politicians hands, and both Patino and Lavignino ought to be ashamed of themselves. These two politicians put support for the Big Ag community ahead of the safety our our communities, and we are all endangered because of it. Lavignino and Patino take campaign cash from Big Ag, and, in return, protect their workers from ICE and deportation. It is a corrupt quid pro quo.


Build the Wall.

Illegal is a Crime, Not a Race.

Deport Corrupt Politicians.

Support ICE: Operation Safe Communities.

Demand E-Verify For ALL Employers.

RIP Mrs Marilyn Pharis/ Ms. Katie Steinle.

Support Death Penalty for Vicious Killers.

Stop Government Handouts to Illegal Aliens.

Vote for Honest Politicians Only.


Deport Corrupt Politicians? really?!! I’ll go for that, but only after the truth of Führer und Reichskanzler Trump’s corruption is exposed and he’s the first to go. Deal? And you’ll be the first and loudest proponent to it, right? It’ll be a little difficult, I’ll admit, considering ain’t no country out there would have him after the fiasco he has caused the world through his “Art of the Steal” administration…

And about that wall, the one that’s more of a fence than a true wall, the one that is scaled more often then it’s been an actual deterrent, the one where American Citizens will have the American Government confiscate their property to build, the one that has been outperformed in it’s current form by electronic measures, the one that will cost us billions to build and maintain? Well, it might be more useful to make sure those who arrive legally by other means (planes, trains and automobiles with visas in hand) actually leave, as they make up two-thirds of the undocumented population (Center for Migration Studies).

By-the-way, an “honest politician’ is an oxy-moron…


We can see the jury in Santa maria had the good sense to put this trash away,unlike the liberals in San Fransisco.

The real problem is that this piece of dung should be taken out back and never seen again, we the taxpayer are now stuck with this trash in our jail system and I’m sure he’ll be in a gang on some cell block causing trouble.

The system is broke and it needs to be fixed, how do people like this keep coming back here when they are deported, do they walk thru customs,are they swimming the river or crossing the desert, the liberal media makes a big deal of families crossing and how they are treated but they don’t seem to grasp the other people that get here and cause these kind of problems.


To the jury, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kate Steinle, Marilyn Pharis and countless others have paid the ultimate price for our failure to secure our borders.

Build the damn wall already!


Sometimes the price of Freedom is pretty steep…


I’m not a fan of Trump’s wall (damn thing could be used to keep us in), I’m not of the opinion that all immigrants are best represented by this POS (as the majority aren’t, not even the ones crossing illegally), but I damn sure don’t like the idea that this country has to foot the bill for this POS’s incarceration. What is the cost of that now in Cali’? $45K a year? Jeez! You know we send manufacturing jobs down to Mexico, build plants down there to take advantage of its cheap labor force and lack of regulations, why not do the same with a prison just for these types? Build it to our specs’, have Mexico staff it, we oversee the correct operation and then pay the Mexican government yearly for each prisoner they keep successfully there. What, a $1,000.00 a year, out of which they pay their own operational costs for running it? How much money would that save Cali’? How much would that relieve the overburdened Cali’ prison system? Besides, most of these “Border Brothers” or “Pisas”, as they refer to themselves as inside CDCR, are a pariah there as well, and it would only lessen the racially divided prison politics that are at the root of most problems inside the wall…


This is the reason we need to enforce our border laws. I can’t understand how he was arrested 6 times and never handed over to ICE.Sanctuary city protection? ( Marylin thanks you !!! ) I understand that even when you deport these criminals they just come back later and that’s where Mexico is not doing its job. This person should of been taken to Mexico and put in their jail as should all the other criminals from Mexico we have in jail. Let Mexico take care of their own people. I know the % of criminals to the good people coming here are low but as it shows it just takes one.