Morro Bay football coach terminated over comments offensive to LGBTQ community

October 31, 2018

David Kelly

The Morro Bay High School football team finished the 2018 season 1-9 and win less in their league, and the squad’s head coach was fired prior to the final game last week. Yet, the firing apparently was not a result of the team’s poor season. [Cal Coast Times]

Head football coach David Kelley made comments to a student athlete that were “insensitive to the LGBTQ community,” school officials said. The comments occurred on-campus on Oct. 24, according to a letter from Principal Kyle Pruitt to Morro Bay High School parents.

Pruitt did not disclose what exactly Kelley said. Kelley reportedly made the comments inside the football locker room.

In addition to the coaching duties that he has now been relieved of, Kelley is a U.S. history teacher at Morro Bay High. He currently remains employed by the school as a teacher.

Kelley had been Morro Bay High’s head football coach since 2015. He previously served as the head football coach at San Luis Obispo High School.

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This will be interesting to see if the Teachers Union stands up for him.

Hey McFarland High School is looking for a new football coach. Wonder if he knows anything about coaching Cross Country?

Seems like the right wing folks are offended that the left wingers were offended by the coach’s offensive remarks.

The LGBTQABC folks are by far the least tolerant among us. I bet what the coach said was deemed “offensive” by only one person.

In the old Soviet Union you had freedom of speech but you didn’t have freedom after you spoke….We in America have freedom of speech but we don’t have a job after we speak….

I don’t know about you all but that’s too damn close for me…shame on Morro Bay High….freedom of speech and of thought is paramount to a free nation and should be recognized by our educational institutions…..

“We in America have freedom of speech but” are responsible for what we say.

Or do you think someone should be able say anything they want, be a sexist racist ass going down the street yelling and such?

With freedom comes responsibility, it’s not a free pass for bad behaviour.

Responsibility and SLO county is an oxymoron there bub. Adam Hill tells his constituents to go F themselves verbally, and in written form and he still is your I mean supervisor.100+++ bars, mass political corruption, a murdering law enforcement, a worthless DA, college sex violence, pretend to be environmental, but invite every person in the country to come visit, drive all over the beach, trash the town but leave their money of course. Yeah..responsible indeed. ;)  How long before one of the butt hurt brigade comes with something like a mood ring but its implanted to ones forehead and every time the enemy thinks “unacceptable thoughts” they get removed from society.

“We in America have freedom of speech but”

But? but what?…if your speech harms no one physically it should not be punished…when you begin to limit freedom you will eventually lose it….

I would venture to say that the 9-1 had more to do with it.

Could be. Thought crimes are an easy way to get rid of people as few people question it for fear of themselves being accused of a thought crime.

Conspiracy much?

Why publicly chastise this person without sharing what was said? Appears like a good old boy call, wink wink, ya we gonna git im.