Atascadero man trolls judge during sentencing

December 13, 2018

Daniel Joshua Phares

The Atascadero man convicted of making criminal threats on Facebook against the organizers of the Women’s March San Luis Obispo appears to have a habit of trolling. [Tribune]

Daniel Joshua Phares, 46, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of making criminal threats over comments he posted under a Women’s March Facebook post and later deleted. Phares wrote in one of the posts, “I will kill every one of you and will make you like it.”

As a result of a plea agreement with prosecutors, Phares was sentenced to 18 months of formal probation. He must also complete 10 hours of anger management counseling, refrain from owning or possessing firearms and ammunition for 10 years and write letters of apology to three Women’s March organizers, who are considered the victims in the case.

It appears that over the course of the criminal case, Phares has trolled the victims, Judge Matthew Guerrero and the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

During his sentencing hearing, Phares blurted out comments about murdered Santa Maria woman Marilyn Pharis, who was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted by an illegal immigrant in 2015. Pharis died days after the assault, and the illegal immigrant who attacked her was convicted of first-degree murder earlier this year.

Phares has posted comments on Facebook trolling the Women’s March and the Tribune, which appear to allege hypocrisy by the Women’s March in not honoring a woman who was killed by an illegal immigrant. Phares posted multiple comments on Facebook under the Tribune’s stories on his own case.

The comments included, “Wow just read the article. More twisted lies from the media” and “Did anyone go to the Marilyn Pharis memorial service?”

As the sentencing hearing proceeded, Phares would not respond directly when Judge Guerrero would address him.

While Guerrero listed off the requirements of Phares’ probation, Phares blurted out, “Have we learned the lessons of Andrew Holland yet?”

When Guerrero asked Phares if he understood the terms of his probation, Phares responded, “sure.”

Guerrero told Phares, if he is found in violation of his probation, he can be booked in jail on a flash incarceration without a court hearing for up to 10 days.

“Search away,” Phares said to the judge. “I’m not afraid of being searched.”

Guerrero also issued an order barring Phares from communicating with the three victims.

“I have no desire to talk to them. I never even met them before — I have no interest in them at all,” Phares said.

When asked if he understood and accepted the terms of his probation, Pharis told Guerrero, “Have a nice day.”

During the hearing, Deputy District Attorney Christopher Peuvrelle said he has been extremely disappointed with Phares’ behavior since the plea agreement was reached and plans to ask for substantial time in custody if Phares fails to abide by the requirements of his probation.

Phares has until Dec. 27 to write letters of apology to the three organizers of a Women’s March, including Morro Bay Councilwoman Dawn Addis.

While Addis spoke during Phares’ sentencing hearing, he either stared at Addis or stared at the ceiling in the opposite direction.

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Product of the extremist right-wing Trump administration

Still gets to vote, and probably a viable North County political candidate.

Product of the extremist right-wing Trump administration.

Walking timebomb….

Put down the Starbucks

Red flag.

If I had been that judge, the guy would have spent a few more days in jail until he could learn some manners.

Guerrero is used to this kind of odd behavior. He’s buds with Mary Lucey.

And with pending felon Patty Welsh.