Political newcomer appointed to Grover Beach City Council

January 13, 2019

Desi Lance

The elected Grover Beach council members on Monday filled a vacant seat on the city’s governing body by appointing an attorney who had never previously attended a council meeting. [Cal Coast Times]

Grover Beach council members selected Desi Lance from a field of 10 candidates to fill the seat vacated by newly elected Mayor Jeff Lee. The field included former councilwoman Karen Bright and a couple former city council candidates.

The council then whittled the candidates down to three finalist that included Bright, Lance and Terry Wingate. Several council members then discussed the importance of considering age and sex when making a determination.

Councilwoman Barbara Nichols noted that Bright and Wingate were of “an elder generation and we do want to bring in the younger people.”

Lance is a contract business immigration attorney, according to her application for the Grover Beach council seat. She cited being a small business owner, homeowner, lawyer and mother as the experience that qualifies her to serve on the city council.

Prior to Monday’s meeting in which she was appointed to the council, Lance had never attended a Grover Beach council meeting.

“My family and I are incredibly happy and grateful to finally put down roots and call Grover Beach home,” Lance stated in her application. “After living a somewhat transient lifestyle in Chicago and London, I am eager to involve myself and contribute to our community. I am inspired by what the council has done so far (new roads and fiber network) and I want to be part of future planning and execution.”

Lance is joining the Grover Beach council in the middle of her seat’s four-year term. Her seat is up for election in 2020.


There were two applicants who had, in the past two years, taken the time, expense, and effort to run for city council and gained good voter support. There were some applicants who were more representative of Grover Beach’s working class demographic. There was one applicant who was Mariam Shah’s “best friend”. I can’t be certain, but I don’t think the appointee was the “bestie”.


Typical. Qualifications mean nothing. Identity everything. Virtue signaling reigns again!


She’s white, educated, and upper-middle class. Pretty much that and retired wealthy are the only people that can afford to live in this county anymore. God forbid they should select a low income male or female of any race who is working two jobs and struggling to find a head-of-household job in the county, while living in an illegally converted garage. Good job Grover Beach city council. Let’s choose a female with no experience pretending that this is somehow “diversity.” Let’s not dare choose someone who may be affected by the actual problems that face your population.


Although really DUMB reasons to select someone without experience, let’s give the gal a chance.


Consider age and sex when making a determination? Maybe someone can explain how that isn’t discrimination?


Meetings are recorded and broadcasted online. This is 2019.


She had the only prerequisite needed, agreeing to vote however Mayor Lee/Shoals wants.


Oh how wonderfully progressive. Experience and knowledge now means nothing yet gender and age are paramount. In any other situation, wouldn’t this be an outright violation of discrimination?


Exactly what is wrong with government. Appointing people with no experience or knowledge of local government policies to make major, difficult decisions. A City Council position should not be a seat for people to learn from the efforts of others. Plus not ever having attended a city council meeting? What more can you say but of course it’s Grover Beach. Nothing against this lady by any means, I’m sure that she thought she would never get chosen with no experience.


Don’t be concerned. There is no lower position for a neophyte politician to cut their teeth in learning how to influence and accept kickbacks/bribes. /s



CC_Marauder use your hash tags/signature elsewhere.


On the other hand we have Arroyo Grande who appoints a bobble head from the planning commission rather than bring in some fresh blood.

Barbara Nichols calling someone else “of and elder generation “ is truly the pot calling the kettle black. Based on her statement I hope she considers stepping down and freeing up her seat for someone younger.


Arroyo Grande wanted, and got, the same thing, someone who wouldn’t think outside the other votes and just help pass the wishes of Mayor Ray and the other three sheeple.