California population growth slows to record low levels

May 2, 2019

California’s population growth rate fell to a record low in 2018, according to the state Department of Finance. [Cal Coast Times]

The state’s population grew by .47 percent last year, the slowest growth rate in California history. California added 186,807 residents in 2018, leaving it just shy of the 40 million mark. As of Jan. 1, 2019, the state had a population of 39,927,315.

State officials say the slow growth rate was driven by a significant decline in births, which decreased by more than 18,000 from the previous year, as well as lower student enrollment. Meanwhile, deaths continued on an upward trend that has been evident since 2010, as California’s Baby Boomers continue to age.

Devastating wildfires, particularly the Camp Fire, which was the deadliest and most destructive blaze in state history, had a major impact on population trends in California. The Camp Fire destroyed almost 90 percent of the housing stock in the town of Paradise and displaced 83 percent of its residents. Most of the displaced people relocated to the surrounding cities of Chico and Oroville, which each experienced more than 20 percent population growth.

Like California as a whole, San Luis Obispo County grew ever so slightly in 2018. SLO County recorded .1 percent growth last year.

A few cities in the county, led by Grover Beach and Morro Bay, experienced slight population decline in 2018. Both Grover Beach and Morro Bay decreased in population by .6 percent.

Atascadero, at just .2 percent, had the highest growth rate among cities in the county. Unincorporated areas of SLO County had a combined growth rate of .3 percent.

The following were the growth rates for SLO County’s seven cities and the unincorporated areas:

Arroyo Grande: o percent

Atascadero: .2 percent

Grover Beach: -.6 percent

Morro Bay: -.6 percent

Paso Robles: .1 percent

Pismo Beach:  -.1 percent

San Luis Obispo: .1 percent

Unincorporated areas: .3 percent


Its crowded .. Very expensive …the potholes have a social security number …. The only thing that keeps me coming back for some parts of the year to California is the weather ..Born and raised in California but all the arrows keep telling me to stay away permanently .My rentals only keeps me here sporadically….


For the life of me I just can’t figure out why…?.? I’m getting out and taking my little shampoo bottles with me.


well now the teachers will have smaller classes


The official explanations for the low growth level are deceitful. So many long time residents are bailing out of this failed state that its population can barely be maintained by an open southern border and sanctuary policies. My experience matches Rambunctios’.


The numbers are finally catching up to the reality of the sorry state our State is in:(

The influx of the illegal immigrant and homeless population has covered for the exodus for years!

I’ve known many people leaving the State, mostly government employees taking their sweet pensions with them to places that they can live like kings on the California taxpayer!!

The State of Illinois is on the verge of a financial collapse for the same reason, middle class and affluent are leaving, politicians raise taxes to make up for the lost revenue, more leave, they raise taxes again and again and again, and more and more leave:(

Who can blame those leaving for reasonable housing, fuel, taxes and many other quality of life costs!!!


I don’t believe the stats. Yes, legal Californians are moving out for good reason (taxes and regulations)…. but there are thousands of illegals moving in to take advantage of our benefits. Hence the need for a true census that documents who is here…. legally, or otherwise. Then we can monitor our budget.


This is real progress.. Now if everybody who was not born in California who leave we might be able to save this state.


Ever try to drive South on the 101 through Pismo Beach about 4PM? We got way too many people here!


Everyone is moving out…In only 2 years I’ve seen 5 different friends and their families leave the state…and they are happy…


And yet the state still grew. Ever so slightly. Kind of blows a hole in your anecdotal argument about everyone moving out.


The state may grow, but it doesn’t mean it is positive growth. As more poor people come here and avail themselves of state and county services look for costs to go up because of hidden taxes and fees. This increases the burden on middle class people and causes more of them to leave in order to remain in the middle class.


I wasn’t arguing…just inserting my 2 cents…the question I have is why do you disregard the fact that people are moving in very substantial numbers?…what is in it for you to deny that?….what sacred cow of MrYan have I skewered?…


Mr Shish-kabob… You made a hyperbolic statement as a point of fact; “everyone is moving out”. Which by definition is an argument in speech.

I refuted it by pointing out facts from the article. Although not previously addressed; I do wonder who you meant by “everyone” since raw numbers don’t prove your point.

The sacred cow of mine you’re so curious about? How about the land of the free. Which means free to move to California and out of California.


Okay I’ll withdraw my “everyone” characterization….but to deny that hundreds of thousands of Californians are either thinking of relocating or have already left is silly….this once great golden state under Brown have stolen the opportunity for comfortable affordable retirement unless you work for the government…