Andy Caldwell challenges Salud Carbajal for seat in Congress

August 14, 2019


Central Coast radio host and executive director of the Coalition for Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB), Andy Caldwell, has announced he will challenge incumbent Rep. Salud Carbajal for the District 24 congressional seat. [Cal Coast Times]

Caldwell, a government watchdog, said his top priority as a member of Congress would be to serve the country and his constituents, while putting politics aside.

Other priorities Caldwell listed include addressing poverty and joblessness by tackling overwrought government rules, regulations and taxes; managing habitat and maximizing flood control capacity; stopping “Medicare for all” in order to save Social Security and Medicare; securing the border while creating a robust guest worker program; reforming the Endangered Species Act; and defending the country against the Green New Deal.

Caldwell referred to Carbajal as a lifelong bureaucrat and career politician who has co-sponsored the Green New Deal, undermined border security and subverted the Constitution by pursuing impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Caldwell has served as a government watchdog, taxpayer and business advocate and defender of the Constitution and traditional values since 1991. Caldwell noted he has never had personal political ambitions, but he is driven to run for office by the need for a strong candidate to challenge Carbajal, whom he accuses of going along with a “socialist takeover of the Democratic Party.”

“Whereas I have never had any personal political ambitions, I am, nevertheless, going to answer that call!” Caldwell said in the email. “I am both afraid and deeply concerned at the direction our country is taking, thanks to the socialist takeover of the Democratic Party that I was once a member of!”

In his announcement, Caldwell also accuses Carbajal of wholeheartedly supporting the Democratic Party’s shift to the extreme left.

“Over the course of the past two years, on Salud Carbajal’s watch, we have witnessed a remarkably dramatic and rapidly escalating shift in the Democratic Party away from America loving to America shaming. Away from capitalism towards socialism, replete with profligate spending proposals that will bankrupt this country fiscally for sure, yet equally troubling, it will bankrupt our foundations by removing any incentive for independence, replacing it with government dependence.”

Moderates, independents and conservatives are interested in developing new priorities for the country and the Central Coast, Caldwell said. As focus has been placed on partisan bickering and gridlock related to the “24/7/365 anti-Trump agenda,” the Central Coast still has overlooked needs related to the threat of wildfires and debris flows; water shortages; traffic gridlock; and failing infrastructure.

District 24 consists of all of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, as well as part of Ventura County. Carbajal defeated Republican challenger Justin Fareed in each of the last two elections, winning by a tally of 58.6 percent to 41.4 percent in 2018.


Andy, Andy, Andy… you’re a good radio host, excellent provacateur and real, deal conservative… BUT, the skillset to win involves diving into a cesspool of incredible proportions. The NRCC looks at money and how much you have, the great consultants won’t even talk to you without $$ and defeating an incumbent is a ridiculous longshot. Agree that Carbajal has really little leadership pizazz and is really incapable of visionary thought, BUT, it can set you up for an Assembly bid if you are a decent campaigner. Good luck, guard your family, and keep your honor intact for after the race.


It’s like a democratic sleeper cell has awoken, destine to throw the election to the left by entering into the race as a stereotypical conservative.



I SUPPORT Mr. Andy Caldwell for US Representative!

It is past time for us to reclaim our US House seat, and failed ultra-liberal Salud Carbajal has shown he cannot lead our district to a better future, so he must go.

Salud Carbajal is out of touch from his district, and we deserve better than an ultra-liberal represntative who votes with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer 98% of the time.

Abandon Democrats in 2020.


Well, that’s one small part of the equation. Once you abandon the gone-too-left Democrats, then what? Go over to the Republicans, who say they stand for one thing, but who have clearly morphed into nanny state functional Democrats of 30 years ago?

Knowing what to abandon is only half of the solution. The other half is knowing what to take-up — those who wrongly look toward the Republican party … I was an active loyal Republican for 40 years before I dropped out when the left nominated Trump for Republicans in open primaries and the party and conservatives went for it. I’m now villified as unpatriotic for refusing to go along with a lying, self-marketed media “billionaire” worth maybe a few million, by Republicans and conservatives except anti-Trump “conservatives” who lose themselves easily when going into a long tirade about what constitutes a “real” conservative; ALL conservative pundits urged me to vote for Trump. PERIOD. Conservatives ALONE are responsible for Trump. ANYONE who calls him/herself a “conservative” had better understand that. It’s why after calling myself a “conservative” for nearly 50 years, I will now correct anyone of that mistaken assumption. The conservative movement and Republican party both left me long ago, but I finally smelled the coffee in 2016.

Both Republicans and conservatives are as hapless and bipolar as the Democrat party and “progressive” regressive liberals.


Numbers may speak more quietly than pundits, but they also speak better and more honest truth: both Trump and Hillary were loathed and rejected by the large majority of Americans who voted; the Electoral College (we must keep it at all costs to maintain liberty and the Constitution) is a different item. Most Americans, judging by the math and the fact that large numbers of voters held their noses ONLY voting for Hillary or Trump “against” the other worse nightmare, thought both Trump and Hillary stunk like yesterday’s diapers.

There is no party or movement for the majority of Americans who think both the Republican and Democrat parties have soundly lost their ways. There is no party or movement for the majority of Americans who see endless bickering among conservatives and liberals as to what constitutes a “real” conservative or a “real progressive.” Don’t believe me? Click on the Cal Coast News’ link to Heidi Harmon “blowing a fuse,” lecturing people as to what a “real progressive” is, in the same vein as I have heard self-titled “conservatives” lecturing people as to the difference between a “real” and a “faux” conservative.

Time to leave them all four and forge a new path to liberty and the Constitution. Stand fast, Californians.


Please, please where can I make a contribution? WE need freaking common sense again.


Laughable at best. If Justin Fareed, who was a lot more attractive of a candidate, couldn’t beat Salud, doubt Andy can. As with Fareed, I wonder why Caldwell doesn’t run for school board, city council or some lower government position first. But, no, he’s ready to be a congressman based on his experience on the radio and as a paid shill for the wealthy corporate and ag interests in SB County. This should be an easy win for Carbajal.

Ben Daho

OMG. He’s blaming “Shaming of America” on Democrats? Just the fact that this guy isn’t aware that Trumplethinskin ran his entire campaign on bashing the state of America. “MAGA”; “Again” because we’re so bad that ‘ONLY trump could fix it” and “Trump has to Turn the economy around” From what” the cons whined like sunburned orphans about how the “RECOVERY” was slow. They ignored the very fact that it was a RECOVERY from a republican. they NEVER focused on the fact that America’s economy needed rescued. So, here’s a guy that wants to lock step into the dictator in chiefs grovel pit.

How sad.. He doesn’t want Medicare for all. It’s a lot cheaper than what we’re doing now. How can someone run for office with zero clue of how this even works? and the whiny “Socialism” cries. c’mon. We have been using socialist programs for decades. Public schools, Military, Fire, Police, FDA, prisons, Etc. Etc. Etc. PLEASE stop with the talking points!

Jorge Estrada

“Socialist takeover of the Democratic Party” BINGO, Andy hit the nail on the head. As I understand it, a Socialistic rule of government fails when they run out of other peoples money. Ever take notice of our publicly funded infrastructure? We now have trouble maintaining the roads “now funded by many” yet were “originally constructed and funded by few”.

Ben Daho

Have you noticed we use fire dept. (Tax dollars) Prisons (Tax dollars) Sheriffs (Tax dollars) Police (Tax dollars) K-12 schools (Tax dollars) our Military (Tax dollars) Streets (Tax dollars) Highways(Tax dollars) city employees (Tax dollars) County employees (Tax dollars) State employees (Tax dollars) Federal employees (Tax dollars) We pay into Social Security and get a return. We are a country. We can’t just be taxed with no return. You people with your “socialism” rants refuse to understand how much you personally take from this country.


Right on Ben, the rank and file person seems to think all we have to do is give the rich tax breaks and the goodies will trickle down. That is a failed concept and look who always proposes that-the party that caters to the rich. The real progressive Dems always support programs for the majority and the less fortunate, I cannot imagine how so many voters get hoodwinked over and over by the ‘no regulations’ candidates. Those regs (though sometimes too much!) are designed to protect us, and the planet, from our nasty activities.

There are rules for many things in our society, I wonder how many would like a world where its just dog eat dog. No public money for public works, nothing. That would take us back a thousand years.


Not goodies….jobs!….jobs trickle down…well in this case jobs did more than trickle….we have more job openings than job seekers…no matter how you slice it…that is a good thing….sometimes people fear things that are an impossibility…like the fear of a regulation less dog eat dog America….


After the dumocrat devised ways to empty the working mans wallet what did you expect? Why do you think there is so much strife among Americans, their sick of getting screwed every turn of the corner. Then theres Pocahontas who wants to tax gun and ammo purchases by 80%. That’s a F’ing brilliant way to stop criminals from killing innocent people.Course we all know they walk into Big 5 and make legal purchases.


His platform uses all the code words of a right wing nut job. Destroy our country to make more money, destroy the environment for more money. I am sure the chief nut job currently squatting in the white house will love this guy,