Supervisor Lynn Compton calls out Mayor Heidi Harmon

August 13, 2019

Supervisor Lynn Compton

After learning of San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon’s plan to ban natural gas-powered appliances in new buildings, SLO County Supervisor Lynn Compton posted an article on the city’s latest proposed ordinance. Underneath the article, Compton questions several of Harmon’s recent recommendations. [Cal Coast Times]

“This is so beyond ridiculous,” Compton posted on Facebook. “I do not see how this mayor stays in office….her ideas are beyond the fringe…on everything….banning statues of people in the parks (only “ideas” for statues), trying to kick Amazon out of SLO…and…the big red fake roses in her hair everyday single day (what is up with that!!!!)???

“She is a joke! So ridiculous…and the city council is just as bad. I hope people wake up,” Compton added.

Niles Q

Give her Hell Lynn!


While I agree with Compton I am disappointed in her unprofessional post. Let’s stick to issues.


Showering will only be allowed on Tuesday and Friday


Irrational fear of the earth we live on….we are here a fraction of a second compared to the age of our planet….how pompous must one be to believe we are destroying the planet earth…a planet that has survived for human existence for thousands of years…and its us…that will see its end?…please…common sense tells us that is ridiculous….


the Mayor of SLO is just “way out there”, period. Mr Gurnee made a point, but did not connect . There are far better, more intelligent and thoughtful Democrats out there who dont project as much dysfunction or adolescent tantruming as this unfortunate lady. We just need them now. Many are talking now about how Harmon has to go, not just Compton, but (not suprisingly) her partisan colleagues.


Too many disconnected voters to affect much change, I’m guessing. I hope I’m wrong. Either people don’t know, or don’t care (or both). Politicians RELY on this apathy and ignorance.


Ms. Compton… Mayor Harmon spanked the competition in her re election for mayor. You disagree with her and are entitled to your opinion, but the mayor and city council presently does have the majority support of the city citizens. By the way… just because Ms. Harmon wants to put a flower in her hair, why the hating? Jeeez.


Bull pucky!

Harmon was reelected by Cal Poly and Cuesta students — citizens of SLO only in a technical sense.

Oh yeah, and the fake flowers in Harmon’s hair look fooooooolish…


Interesting stuff when the extreme of one side goes after the extreme of the other side.


What I find interesting is perspective. One may seem “far right” because the other has moved so far to the left. I can no longer identify with the current pop-culture democrats because they have become so radical; thus, it makes me closer to republicans (and they’re also moving left, towards me). It’s all perspective.