Santa Maria man carjacked at gunpoint

August 11, 2019

Santa Maria police are looking for seven people who carjacked a man who was praying in his car Saturday morning. The man was parked outside his home in a quiet neighborhood on the 700 block of East Bunny Avenue. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly after 1 a.m., a man jerked the victim’s car door open and put a gun to his head. A group of seven suspects then robbed the man and took his vehicle.

The victim was not injured during the carjacking.

A neighbor witnessed five of the suspects running across his lawn screaming.

Witnesses described the suspects as men in their late teens or early 20s. Officers are searching for the stolen vehicle, which they hope will lead to the arrests of the carjackers.

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I’m not sure if “old timer” plays devil’s advocate all the time or….? Paso is close to China and Russia? And the dig on capitalism and poverty producing crime… Sometimes it’s from poverty sometimes it’s not. It’s in every form of government and everywhere even in bucolic places like Switzerland. They just work hard to hide it and have incredibly tight control on immigration.

“Hippity-hopity gangsters on their way…” The victim should have been armed. Do you think the police, God bless ’em, can stop this?

Nothing good happens after 12 pm on a weekend night.

Enough already! That city needs to go under martial law for a year.

It’s obvious again and again that the local police are way in over their heads.

Woah, holy chit to ever say such a thing. I have the right to form a militia to govern my city if my paid servants can’t and wont, you’d give up your constitutional rights, you a communist? You don’t like the 2nd amendment or freedom of speech either or free press or freedom of religion, boy, Russia and China would love you. Paso is pretty close, Cop Cameras everywhere, just like my stay in China, where 1 million liberal muslims are in brain wash camps. Big government and martial law, Wowzers. This is a first here on CCN to see such Anti American commentary. Bless you. With poverty and capitolism comes crime. Such nice weather down there, a shame!

Was he praying that he wouldn’t be carjacked?

And a description of the vehicle might help the public find the cehicle.