Undocumented farm worker arrested for Paso Robles murder

August 26, 2019

Fausto Ortega Maldonado


San Luis Obispo County sheriff detectives charged a man on Friday for the murder of a North County man who was stabbed multiple times, according to Sheriff Ian Parkinson. [Cal Coast Times]

Fausto Ortega Maldonado, 28, is being held without bond in the killing of Primitivo Pacheco Ortega, 20. Maldonado has been in the county jail since a July 18 arrest for a probation violation.

Shortly before 7 a.m. on July 7, a passerby spotted the body of Ortega off Estrella Road near Hog Canyon Road. Detectives believe Maldonado killed Ortega while headed to or at the dump site. The suspect and the victim were acquaintances, but not relatives.

Primitivo Pacheco Ortega

During their investigation, detectives discovered Maldonado, a convicted felon, had been deported before and is wanted by ICE.

“Our Detectives are dedicated. They are tenacious. And they never give up,” said Sheriff Parkinson. “Through their efforts we have put a very dangerous criminal behind bars.”

There have been six murders in San Luis Obispo County in 2019. With the arrest of Maldonado, deputies have cleared five of the six homicides.

The violent January slaying January killing of Lawrence Bross of Oceano remains an open investigation.


The sun rises in the east.



Glad this article feeds your anti-immigrant narrative. Mjd, so much anger, lady.


The murder rate in Mexico in 2017 was 25 per 100K people. In the USA it was 5.3 per 100K. In Cal alone that means with it’s 40 million residents 10,000 would be murdered if we were on the same rate as Mexico. Its like the wild west relived again and brought back north of the border.

Jorge Estrada

Historically, the Aztecs performed open heart surgery on selected virgin women, without anesthesia. It’s not the wild west, try DNA.


The Spanish used the rack during the inquisition. The English placed large stones on top of Catholics to force confessions and then sliced their guts open. The French loved the Judas chair (look it up), etc. So, your point is?

Russ J

Pull your head out of your Facebook America. These are the criminals our California lawmakers are protecting. The unintended consequences of virtue politics.


..and now California taxpayers are going to give these “dreamers” free health care.

What a deal! Sneak into the country, go on an orgy of violent criminal acts and get major medical from the State of California! Best of all the local cops are barred by state law from communicating with the Feds about illegal aliens until after they commit a violent crime! Next up: taxpayer funded pensions for illegal aliens..


You’re twice as likely to be the victim of murder or larceny at the hands of a native born American than an illegal immigrant. In fact, U.S. border towns—where many illegals live—report far lower crime rates overall than the rest of the United States. But, sure, don’t give them health care—just let any infectious disease they may carry be passed on to you or your children. Smart.



You don’t know anything about data or analysis, do you? Trot on over and take a look at table 43 of the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program and then report back.


Well, I looked at that. I don’t see anything there about undocumented immigrants. But I did find another “data” driven study which, again, shows that illegals commit fewer violent crimes than native born Americans. In fact, here’s a quote from that study: “Increases in the undocumented immigrant population within states are associated with significant decreases in the prevalence of violence.”


Of course, most of these studies, be it the Cato Institute or others, admit that more study needs to be done. And with these studies, hopefully the government can find permanent solutions to our immigration maladies.


The study is skewed towards that conclusion because it draws its data from the FBI UCR. One of the reasons law enforcement is attempting outreach to this community is because most of the violent crimes that occur in are directed towards other members of the immigrant group and many are unreported. Had the murder victim not been dumped on the side of the road it is doubtful anyone would have reported to the police he was missing, let alone the victim of homicide.


I think that’s right, Gordo. As I said, there need to be more studies. I think it would be interesting to see a comparison between numbers of illegals in the Santa Maria Valley and Paso wine region to the agricultural profits of Central Coast farmers. I bet those profits have grown steadily as the influx of illegals has increased. And, crime rates may have also gone up, although, as you say, most of that crime is immigrant on immigrant.


So how much money is wasted on blown-up photos just so the important people can stand next to them to give feel good speeches? Can’t this be handled a lot cheaper with just a press release and email. What do they do with those oversized pictures afterwards, sell them?


Because reporters like to ask questions about these kinds of cases; it makes the news more interesting. No doubt you would prefer this type of news be buried in the classified ads where few people would see it.


Those photos are to be used later should the case go to jury trial.


Undocumented…cough, cough, ILLEGAL.

In jail on for probation violation.

Wanted by ICE

Convicted felon.

Just doing the job Americans don’t want to do.