Campfire started Lopez Fire

September 25, 2019

Photo by Amy Joseph

An improperly extinguished campfire sparked the blaze that has burned more than 200 acres near Lopez Lake, fire officials say. [Cal Coast Times]

The Lopez Fire started Saturday afternoon and prompted evacuations in the area of Upper Lopez Canyon and Wittenberg Creek roads. As of Tuesday morning, the blaze has burned 220 acres and is 50 percent contained, according to Cal Fire.

Investigators have not determined who was responsible for the campfire that ignited the blaze. Authorities are searching for the person or persons.

Much of the fire was burning in the Los Padres National Forest in an area that hadn’t burned for 60 years. Hot, dry and windy conditions may be prolonging the firefight.


I bike out at Lopez Lake quite often and am always surprised they still allow campfires given the EXTREME fire danger . . . and unfortunately I’m not surprised an negligently ‘extinguished’ campfire started this. Really, campfires need to be banned. Sorry, campers, but this is the NEW REALITY for camping. I support NO campfires due to extreme wildfire risks. This may put a damper on one’s camping experience but wildfires endanger EVERYONE.


Yup- that pretty much summarizes the situation. The risk/reward ratio of campfires is way off the charts.


Agreed. I don’t even find campfires that exciting really. They cover you in smoke and require constant vigilance. Not my idea of relaxation.


Campfires are not currently allowed when dispersed camping. I agree campfires should be banned if the grass is not green. Luckily the Forest Service agrees too, there has been a campfire restriction since June 29, 2019 for the Los Padres National Forrest. A simple ban will not stop the ignorant, I hope they find something to identify the responsible party.


Do you realize how many illegal campfires have started major fires? Let that sink in before you jump on the “ban” wagon.