Man attempts to take a loaded gun on a plane leaving SLO

September 5, 2019


An officer at the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport discovered a loaded firearm in the carry-on bag of a man ticketed for travel to Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday morning, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The TSA security officer discovered the firearm, a 9 mm Glock 27, around 6:45 a.m. during the routine screening of carry-on luggage at a security checkpoint. San Luis Obispo Airport Police confiscated the weapon and allowed the traveler to continue on his flight.

“This firearm discovery is a reminder of the important role our Transportation Security Officers play in preventing guns and other security threats from making it onto an aircraft,” said TSA Federal Security Director Anita Minaei. “TSA will continue to remain focused on our responsibilities while maintaining efficient and effective security operations.”

TSA will review the circumstances of the incident and levy a civil penalty against the traveler who brought the firearm to the security checkpoint. The recommended civil penalty for a firearm starts at $2,000 and can go up to the statutory maximum of more than $10,000 per violation.

Factors TSA considers when determining the civil penalty amount include whether the firearm was loaded and whether there was accessible ammunition. TSA evaluates each incident on a case-by-case basis.

Through the end of August, TSA has discovered more than 2,800 firearms in travelers’ carry-on luggage this year. This is the third firearm discovery at the SLO airport in 2019.

Firearms can be transported on a commercial aircraft only if they are unloaded, packed in a locked, hard-sided case and placed in checked baggage. Travelers can use the “Can I Bring?” feature on the TSA mobile app, myTSA, or visit the webpage. Travelers can also Tweet or Message “AskTSA” if they have a travel question.

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To DocT… I can see a clip of ammo, but I’m sorry, as a shooter if you go for your range bag it seems to me you’d be more thorough than the average bear going thru it especially getting on a commercial aircraft. My whole concern with this is the gun was loaded. I don’t believe he was a terrorist or anything but just the lack of awareness….

Cmonnow…..what’s a clip? Just kidding….some concealed carry guns are very, very small. I know of several that are no bigger than a wallet…gun and holster together. They fit right in your front pocket and hold 7 rounds of .380 or .32.

The Glock featured in the photo might be holstered in a fabric of some sort, with velcro, etc. It may have clung to the inside of the bag somewhere.

More….much more diligence should be expected. But the facts of this incident are pretty clear:

1. It was a mistake

2. no gun made it on the plane

3. the person carrying the firearm had a CCW and did not violate any laws

4. TSA actually did their job!

The comments on this are great! Absolutely amazing the chief is still at work and TSA let him fly. I’m sure the guy knew better so w hat was his deal?

As a fully legal gun owner, who has only fully registered and CA legal firearms I can comment on this.

I have what’s called a “range bag” in which I keep ear and eye protection, and whatever ammo I’m going to use for practice at the fully legal and licensed indoor range—-video cameras all over the place, I’m not a whitesupremacistterrorist—I’m not even fully white, so please don’t call the cops on me….

One time, I needed an extra bag on a flight and the “range bag” was the perfect choice, so I removed everything gun related from the bag…..except on small magazine with bullets loaded… gun….just the magazine.

It was in a pocket and in my haste I neglected to remove it. Luckily I discovered it in a hotel room while searching for something else and removed it before theTSA might find it. It was an honest, “near mistake.”

It would not be at all difficult to lose a low-profile gun in a range bag and mistakenly take it to the airport. More diligence is required of gun owners….and we should all redouble our efforts in situations like this.

I’m glad he got to fly. I’m also happy the TSA found his gun.

And I’m happy he gets it back. I don’t believe this individual was trying to sneak the gun on the plane. I agree Doc, I believe this was unintentional oversight.


Maybe he found it in the gender neutral bathroom….

charge the TSA officer who found the gun with theft. make the owner of the firearm take a weekend seminar on handguns…..and charge him 2 days pay.

No problem

It’s amazing to me that in 2019, a grown adult brings a loaded firearm to a TSA checkpoint. What an idiot!

Did it belong to Deanna Cantrell? She’s known to lose guns like this, but you can still find her at SLO PD.

HaHa! Good one.

Thank you for this comment. I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one who hasn’t forgotten what she did/is doing. AND your comment made me laugh out loud.

You beat me to it. I was just thinking that she probably left this gun in that bag by mistake.