Edison considering cutting power to parts of Santa Barbara County

October 18, 2019

Southern California Edison is considering cutting off power to thousands of residents of southern Santa Barbara County amid a period beginning Friday of expected high winds and increased wildfire danger. [KSBY]

On Tuesday, Edison warned of possible power shutoffs in parts of Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria. Then late Thursday night, the utility announced it may shut off power for more than 6,700 customers across southern Santa Barbara County, starting as early as noon Friday. The potential outage could last up to seven days.

Santa Barbara County emergency officials are warning residents in several areas to prepare for extended outages. Emergency officials have extended warnings to residents in:

– coastal areas west of Goleta from Gaviota to Jalama Beach along Highway 101

– an area from Buena Vista Avenue in Montecito through parts of Summerland and to the intersection of Linden Avenue and State Route 192 in Carpinteria, extending as far north as the end of Toro Canyon Road and largely staying on the mountainous side of Highway 101

– an unincorporated area between the cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta, ranging from Paradise Road down Turnpike Road to More Mesa

County officials are asking residents to keep cell phones, portable chargers and electric vehicles charged; gas tanks full; and non-perishable food and water on hand. Residents can view an interactive map to track the areas at risk of having Edison shut off their power.


So what, it’s Carbajal’s district. Let it go dark or wash into the sea.



Forewarned is forearmed. Time to read “outside the box” so as to be able to think outside the box. When you come to realize what “government” knows, you will appreciate the freedoms you have and perhaps, how to prepare yourselves for authentic threats, instead of the fake ones, government seeks to utilize in order to remove your Constitutional Rights as defined in the Bill if Rights.

Reading both of these documents should provide the requisite knowledge and understanding to support your citizenship efforts. I consider these documents to be the United States of America Citizen “owner’s manual” and when the used/followed, will keep the country running smoothly.

Vote up or down as you wish as that has no bearing on the quality of your life.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Knowledge is currently “coin of the realm” for those with the commonsense to employ it. Are you willing to continue to put your very lives in the hands of the elite ruling class? As the book illuminates, it turns out that the Mormons are the only class of American citizen who is actually prepared for extended periods of disruption.

Reading Ted Koppel’s Lights Out woke up a part of me, that I never knew was sleeping.

What are you prepared to so?


A cyberattack may be different from anything FEMA has previously dealt with, but it is not unreasonable for the agency to focus on the experience it has gained from natural disasters.

Where FEMA’s presumed 9.0 earthquake would leave a city in rubble,with thousands of dead and injured, even the most massive cyberattack would inflict very little immediate physical dam-age. Following a serious earthquake, the need for evacuation would be unambiguous.

On the other hand, in the case of a power grid going down, urging people to stay in their homes may be exactly the right thing to do, at least in the immediate aftermath.

Who then feeds the liquid energy to the “back up” power units to keep sewage moving up the hill to an all electric treatment design?

For how long, or for how many days does the consulting engineer’s designs provide for back up power, in a real ‘lights out’ event?

Every public servant ought to read the complete text of http://tedkoppellightsout.com/

Failing to do so, puts the citizens they serve in danger, needlessly.


Pretty much every municipality, its fire and PD services are served by back up generators, getting fuel for them may be another story. Same with basic gas stations, as I cant think of a single gas station Ive ever seen with emergency power capabilities. Commercial suppliers perhaps such as Dewars, but they are far and few between.Back up generators,plants, pump stations are controlled by computers as well, everything is electronic and computerized, just like your modern car and you can thank the Larry Allen’s or Ca for that. A major EMF attack and nothing will run, all the controls are fried. Going back to the 911 days and the sudden need for security on water plants was a joke. Accessible to terrorists were lakes, canals,tanks you name it. Everything is perfect… until its not. No power means no refrigerated food,no,lights,no starbucks, no gas for your car, no power for those on private wells, no sewage pumping where no back up power is provided and that’s many locations in SLO CO. Looting will begin, angers will flare, you cant get to work, no paycheck,no banking, when night falls the scum will take advantage of the opportunity just like at every other disaster, its just this one is man made. Protect your family with what? a sling shot since you gave up your 2nd amendment rights in Ca? and those who are criminals will again be in charge cause they have the guns and no fear. The California bubble of bitchen will turn into a living hell ruled by Marshall law ,and Im pretty sure few out of the state will give two shits as Ca’s arrogance will not come home to roost. Its a nightmare in the making brought to you by government ignorance and defiance. Its not a question of if, its a question of when.


Just one quick correction: It’s “martial law”, not Marshall law.

Other than that, yeah- you’ve pretty much hit the nail right on the head there, Snoid.

It ain’t gonna be pretty.


Edison and PG&E should be thinking outside the box. After all the lawsuits for electric line caused wild fires in rural areas, why don’t they shut off power permanently to all rural areas, let them go wind and/or solar!!! They would be helping those users out, pushing them to be ahead of the California curve, by being Green Energy only users:) Rural users would be the guinea pigs of the New Green Deal, where generated power is no longer available:)



The agency earlier this week ordered PG&E to address numerous problems with its strategy for such blackouts, known as public safety power shut-offs. It condemned the company’s failure to provide maps and other critical information to residents and local officials ahead of the shut-off. PG&E’s website crashed for two days during the blackout, and its call centers were overwhelmed


Wow…this is ridiculous…if a fire breaks out anyway in the area…who will be able to report it?…