San Luis Obispo begins direct flights to Sin City Las Vegas

October 15, 2019


Kicking off Thursday, Contour Airlines will begin nonstop flights from San Luis Obispo to Las Vegas. Flights will run four times a week with prices starting at $99 for one way.

In 2017, the airport opened a new terminal as part of a plan to attract potential businesses and increase the areas growing tourism market by adding more destinations.

In 2020, Alaska Airlines is slated to begin daily nonstop flights to San Diego and Portland. Scheduled to depart daily between noon and 6 p.m., flights will start to San Diego on Jan. 7 and to Portland on June 18.

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Get SLO Police Chief Deanna Cantrell a one-way ticket on this plane! End her corruption and coverups. SLO deserves better.

I thought everyone in California was in favor of the reduction if carbon emissions.

I did a comparison between using Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo aiports, on average flying out of SLO is 30% higher than SM. Even after you factor in parking and Aliegant’s nickel and dime’n you for everything, you still can save almost 40% using SM airport.

Yeah, for the cheapest sweats and times it’s still way higher than Allegiant. We have booked flights early November from Santa Maria. What a racket, not sure if it’s the zip code, the airline or hubris

Totally agree. I have taken many flights with Allegiant. It’s often far cheaper to fly from SM to Vegas and then catch a connecting flight. I’ve gone to Mesa, AZ, Billings, Montana and Cedar Rapids, Iowa for rodeos—Vegas has the National Finals. SM Airport is great, without even mentioning the free parking. Not sure why they only have one airline. I guess the airport does enough business through private owners and Cal Fire.