Three people gunned down, one killed in Lompoc

October 13, 2019


Three people were shot Saturday night in an alley between North F and G Streets in Lompoc. One person is dead and two others are in the hospital.

At about 10:25 p.m., officers responding to reports of a shooting found three gunshot victims lying in the alley. Medical personnel transported the victims to the hospital, where one of the them died from their injuries.

Officials are not yet releasing the names of the victims.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact the Lompoc Police Department at (805) 736-2341.

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Quick! Take the guns from honest people!!! That will stop this kind of thing!

Lompuke needs to be walled off and transformed into Escape from New York.

Well, it’s a pithy comment, but, you do realize that children and families live in Lompoc? I know that many of you want to “otherize” people in towns you scorn—for whatever reason—but really they are no different than you.

It’s the “Trumpster’s Dumpsters” answer to everything, just wall it off or wall it in! It’s their magic bullet that doesn’t fix shit but gives them a sense of doing something without accomplishing jack!

Or hire them to build a wall, steal their money, hide it in the Virgin Islands, say you love Lompoc, but then say it’s garbage, not pay them,

And all for votes and personal gain, while taking advantage of under educated folks and racism via Russia and social media propaganda and then reduce access to education and civil liberties. And never ever show your taxes, or do, because tax evasion means your smart like the mob, or a dictator, not a crook. Crooks don’t hide or steal money, do they? And they are just “the best negotiators”, with their high IQ and guns. Orange or Black, it’s all the same! Oh, and file lawsuites for slander using the good ol former NYC mayor married to his cousin! Potus4incest.